Do you have a house, an apartment, a spare bedroom, or even a couch that you’ve thought about renting out for extra money?  As we know, Airbnb is a website and an app that lets you rent out living spaces whether it’s a house, an apartment, and a couch. You can host local and international travelers in your area and make a little extra money from just letting them stay in your living space. Airbnb remains one of the largest and most well-known places available to rent out homes, apartments, or properties. But there are many similar sites like Airbnb which can be used as the best alternatives to Airbnb in 2021. It is good for customers as well as for hosts to check them out and see what the different options are. So here we will go through a few different choices that you have if you are looking to rent out your living space which can be the best alternatives to Airbnb.


Top Sites like Airbnb in 2021 | Best Alternatives to Airbnb


HomeAway is a very large company that’s a competitor to Airbnb and as they’ve grown throughout the years they’ve actually acquired a lot of different smaller companies so, now they are kind of a network of a whole bunch of different companies together. VRBO is also one of the best sites like Airbnb and it is owned by HomeAway. Other companies included with HomeAway are, Homelidays, OwnersDirect, Stayz, Toprural, TravelMob, and a few others.

Whereas with Airbnb they focus on a whole range of different places that you can rent out HomeAway focuses more specifically on vacation rental properties. So if you have a house or any kind of living space that you want to rent out for an extended period of time then HomeAway could be a thing to do. They have two payment options. You can go for a yearly subscription for hosting a property or you can go for payment when someone rents your property. HomeAway and VRBO focus on vocational houses rather than couches or apartments so you might not have the flexibility as you would have on Airbnb.


This is another company or Airbnb alternative that is very large. It is based in Germany and according to its website, they have over 350,000 apartments and holiday homes worldwide. They do have a huge range of options from an apartment, private rooms, castle, treehouse, car and many other things to rents out through this site like Airbnb. You’ve got a lot of options with Wimdu. They do claim that you can make up to 900 Euros (a little more than $1000) per month renting out properties on Wimdu. That is a good chunk of money if it’s something that you’re doing just in addition to your regular job as a way to pick up some extra money.


Perhaps most of us might have already heard about TripAdvisor but what we didn’t realize was the extent to which they actually do their own vacation rental listings. Just like HomeAway, they own a lot of different smaller companies, such as FlipKey. So there are quite a few different companies that you can list with TripAdvisor. With TripAdvisor, they also have a really wide range of properties that you can list. Just like Wimdu, you can list various kinds of properties here on TripAdvisor. So this definitely should be among the best sites like Airbnb.


Misterb&b is another great site like Airbnb but it’s more focused on gay and lesbian clients. The founder of the websites was traveling in South America and he was with a site kind of like Airbnb or he ended up staying with someone that was kind of homophobic and wasn’t comfortable with him being gay. So he wanted to set up a website where the LGBT community could feel safe traveling across the world.

It caters to either gay or gay-friendly hosts that would be interested in hosting LGBT people within their homes. On the webpage, it says they have a $500,000 insurance coverage for the people that are renting their properties. This is a really good thing plus, you can rent a house you can rent an apartment or guest room with Misterb&b.

Rent like a Champion

This Airbnb alternative was featured on Shark Tank and it took grant attention of the public. Rent like a Champion caters to sports fans so for people that are traveling for like college football games or any kind of sporting event. Basically, they provide you know listings for people that have houses around those sporting events that want to rent out to fellow sports fans. They have different categories like or football weekends, golf tournaments, racing events, and some others where someone can list their house for a weekend to rent through Rent Like a Champion.

This is considered to be one of the top sites like Airbnb when it comes to catering sports fans in particular. So if you live in a college town where there are lots of people come in just for a weekend to see a college football game and you have a house or an apartment that you want to rent out to people then this could be a good option.


All the other sites like Airbnb, we showed earlier, cater to people that want to rent out a house, an apartment, or some kind of living space. But if you live in a really large crowded city like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, or similar then these places can be so crowded just having a parking space is a hot commodity. So SpotHero allows you to rent out parking spaces. If you have a house, a property, an office building, a driveway or any kind of space where someone could park a car, this could be an option for you if you want to make some money from that.

SpotHero will let you not only set your own fees but they will let you set the availability as well. So if, for any reason you ever need to personally use that parking space, you can say that it’s not available. They do give you recommendations about the price for your areas so if you’re ever not sure what the current rate is, they do have that information available.

Final Words…

So these are some of the alternatives to Airbnb and you should definitely check out them if you own some kind of property or space which can make you a little extra money. If you know some other websites like Airbnb then you can list their names in the comment box.

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