What’s a student without a smartphone? Incomplete; that’s what she is!

I’m not talking about spending hours scrolling through Instagram. No one is incomplete without that.

But when you realize that the phone is an educational and productivity resource in addition to being entertaining, it’s clear how important it is for a student.

You use it to take notes, set reminders, and browse for learning materials online. Your phone is the best learning companion you have. But you’ll use its potential only when you empower it with the right apps. What are those apps that all students should install?

You’ll love our list of essential Android apps!

Apps for Students

Best Educational Apps for 2021

  1. Study Music Memory Booster

Music has the power you’re still not aware of. Sure; you felt its power during parties. Now and then, you put some relaxing music on YouTube, too. But there’s a specific type of music that supports your brain’s learning functions. When you listen to that kind of music while studying, you’ll be more effective.

This app offers different tracks for different tasks. Create, Study, Read, Think, Learn, Imagine, and Focus is the most important categories. It works offline, so you can turn off the Internet connection on your phone and fully focus on what you’re doing. This music will support the process.

  1. EduBirdie

This is not the usual app that gives you motivational tips to study. It offers actual support during the process. EduBirdie is a writing agency, which connects you with real writers from various areas of study. If you missed a class and you can’t do your math homework because you don’t understand the matter, an expert in math will help with that. If you’re stuck with an essay on a sociology topic, you’ll work with a writer from that area of study.

EduBirdie is also an editing service. If you wrote an important project and you want to make sure it’s perfect, the editor will take it as close to perfection as possible.

With students being engaged in work and so many extracurriculars, homework is a real challenge. This app helps them get through. There are a 24/7 customer service system and strong guarantees that ensure successful results.

  1. Alarmy

You love the snooze button, don’t you? When the alarm goes off, you think: “I’ll just snooze and sleep for 10 more minutes.” Then it wakes you up again, but you can’t get up no matter what. Snooze. Another snooze. Who cares about breakfast and morning shower? All you want to do is sleep a bit more.

When you finally get up, you don’t have time for anything and you rush to class. You feel sleepy and you can’t focus.

The bad habit of snoozing in is making you unproductive in the morning. You want to fight that habit, and this app helps you do that. It wakes you up with a loud ringtone and a mission that you have to complete if you want it to shut up. It will ask you to solve a math problem, take a photo at a precise place, take a photo of a barcode, or shake the phone up to 999 times. It’s crazy, but that’s exactly what you need if you’re trouble to wake up.


So, you decide to study and you reserve two hours in your daily schedule for that. You sit at your desk. You get the textbooks, notebooks, highlighters, pens, and everything else you need. You start. But then a friend calls and keeps you on the phone for twenty minutes. Another one texts you and you feel it’s important to respond right away. Your parents call to ask how you’re doing. Instagram sends a notification about an influencer going live at the moment.

Distractions undermine the studying process. Two hours are gone before you notice, and you have to move on to the next task on your schedule.

When you start using OFFTIME, such things won’t happen. It will mute all notifications, texts, and calls. You won’t be able to access any apps during off time, so you’ll have no other choice but to go back to your textbook.

  1. Headspace

Everyone is talking about meditation nowadays. When you search for studying tips, meditate is a common recommendation. But how do you meditate? You try to sit and close your eyes, but your mind goes crazy when you do that.

Meditation is tough. It takes practice, but it also requires guidance. Headspace can be your guide. It teaches you how to stay calm, breathe, and focus. Try it; it’s free!

Now Your Smartphone Is a Learning Companion!

The best apps we listed above serve different purposes. You won’t make a mistake if you try them all. They help you relax, focus, be more productive, and get real help when you need it.

It’s okay; you can still have Instagram, Facebook, and all other distracting apps in there. However, you should do your best to limit their use per day. Replace the time-consuming habits with productivity habits, and you’ll instantly become a better student. It’s not an easy process, but the apps we listed above help you do it.

Stay calm and keep learning!