Many users panic when they see some unusual on their computer screen and if they see it for the first time then they think it is an error. The same goes for the “about:blank.” Several users think about blank is an error that can be caused in any web browser whether it is Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

So in the introduction, we would like to tell you that there is nothing to worry about when you see “About:Blank” on their web browser. Sometimes it may happen that whenever you open a new tab on the web browser, it shows you a blank page instead of the homepage that you have set and sometimes some users prefer “about:blank” as the homepage. So here we will walk you through all the things you need to know about “about:blank.”


What is “about blank?”

In simple words, “about:blank” is a blank page in your internet browser on your PC or laptop. The “about” followed by “:” in this is a type of command that is used to open a new page or tab in the browser. For instance, you can type “about:extensions” on the address bar and it will open the extensions installed on your browsers.

Sometimes some tool set “about:blank” as the default homepage of your browser and when you try to open the new tab it opens a blank page. So basically it is not a threat to your computer or browser but you can change the homepage whenever you want.

Is “about:blank” a Virus or Malware?

As we already said you that “about blank” is not a threat. So the clear answer is that “about:blank” is not a malware or virus that can harm your system. But sometimes it may become annoying when it appears on the screen even when you want to open a new site on the browser. But sometimes when it is caused by any other malicious tool that has been installed on your PC by any means then you need to scan the full system.

You should install a reliable antimalware program on your PC that will protect the system and avoid installing any malicious program on your PC. So we suggest you using antivirus software on your PC would be a good preventive step

How to Get Rid of about:blank?

Some people set “about:blank” page as the homepage of the browser as they don’t want to see any specific website on the screen while some people find it annoying. So if you are looking for how to remove “about:blank” in Google Chrome or any other browser then you can get rid of it easily.

The process totally depends on what browser you use. Sometimes when about blank is appearing due to some malicious tools then you need to run a full scan through antivirus but before that, you should try this process. In order to delete or remove about:blank, you just need to change the homepage of the browser.

How to remove about:blank in Google Chrome?

  1. Open Menu and then go to Settings in the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Now click on “On Startup.” You will see it on the left submenu.
  3. Here, if in “Open a specific page or set of pages” then you can delete it if not then click on “Open the New tab Page.”
  4. Here, enter any website that you want to set as the homepage.

How to remove about:blank in Mozilla Firefox?

  1. Go to menu => Options => Home
  2. Now to set a new homepage, enter your favorite website.
  3. If you see ‘about:blank” in the options there then make sure to delete it.

How to remove about:blank in Safari?

In order to delete about:blank in Apple Safari, follow the process given below.

  1. Head to Safari => Preference => General
  2. If you see “about:blank” under “Homepage” then delete it.
  3. Now enter a new website, for instance,

How to remove about:blank in Internet Explorer?

Well, only 2% of the people these days use Internet Explorer and even most of the experts suggest not using IE. Microsoft Edge is quite better than Internet Explorer but we, personally, recommend Google Chrome. But some old applications and other apps may require you to use Internet Explorer. Here’s how to delete about:blank: in Internet Explorer.

  1. Go to “Internet Options” by clicking on the Menu.
  2. In ‘General,” you will see the homepage. If you see “about:blank” there then delete it.
  3. Now enter a new website, for instance, google.comto set it as your homepage.


Now you know what About Blank is that you see on your internet browsers. It is not a virus or malware so if you want to keep it as your homepage or you want to change it; it’s all your choice. Follow the process given above to remove “about:blank” from your browser and change the homepage of your browser easily. If you face any problem then we are here to help you out.

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