Since Samsung users prefer to use “Ok Google” over “Bixby”, you can simply turn off Bixby feature on Samsung Galaxy Note 9.  Ever since Samsung has integrated Bixby with Galaxy S8, many people got annoyed by accidentally launching Bixby instead of pressing the power button. That’s the common problem for most Samsung users. But, here we have the solution.

Whether you want to remap Bixby button to Google Assistant or completely deactivate Bixby from Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you can get simply procedure customize Bixby on Note 9. You can remove Bixby either using Bixby app or directly disable Bixby from the Galaxy Note 9 home screen. Without further ado, let get on the process to get rid of Bixby from Note 9!


How to Turn Off Bixby Feature on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Method #1: Disable Bixby on Note 9 Using App

Step #1: First of all, turn on your Galaxy Note 9 smartphone.

Step #2: Next, launch the Bixby app.

Step #3: Now click on the Gear icon at the upper right corner of the Note 9 screen

Step #4: Toggle the ‘’Bixby Key’’ slider left to disable it.

Method #2: Deactivate Bixby from Galaxy Note 9 Home Screen

You can launch the Bixby from the home screen by swapping the screen left. Hence, you there’s also a way to deactivate Bixby from the home screen. Here’s how to do it!

Step #1: Launch the Bixby from the home screen by swapping screen left.

Step #2: Next, slide the toggle function to”Off” on the Bixby home screen.

Step #3: That’s it! Now you have successfully disabled Bixby on Note 9.

So, now you no need to worry about launching Bixby by chance. Well, you can even replace Bixby on Galaxy Note 9 with Google Assistant. Let’s find out how!

How To Replace Bixby With Google Assistant on Galaxy Note 9

Note: Make you have set up Bixby to remap Bixby button to Google Assistant on your Note 9.

Step #1: Download and install Bixby Button Remapper from the Google Play Store.

Step #2: Launch the bxActions app and tap the Next button.

Step #3: Next, tap the Get Foreground App toggle and grant the permission.

Step #4: Tap the Back button until you’re back to bxActions and then tap the Get Button Events toggle and grant the permission.

Step #5: Now tap the Back button until you’re back to bxActions again and then tap the Done button at the bottom.

Step #6: Tap the App option at the top to start the bxActions app.

Step #7: Tap the Buttons option and toggle the Bixby button on and press the Back button

Step #8: Now tap the Actions option and choose the Bixby button to customize.

Step #9: Tap the Standard Action option at the top. And then scroll through and choose either Google Assistant or Google Assistant Extra.

Step #10: You’re done!

Final Words

This was quite easy to get rid of annoying Bixby from your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Hope you have successfully turned off Bixby on Note 9 or remap Bixby with Google Assistant. If you need any other advice related to new Note 9, you can directly ask us through comments.