There is nothing more frustrating than pulling out your phone to check your positions and not being able to efficiently make a trade. Markets are always moving and who has the time to rush back to the office to make a trade? More people lose money when they are on the go than at any other time and without a robust mobile app, you could be trading at a disadvantage. This is where iFOREX comes in. A quick free download from the App store or Google Play allows you to instantly download IFOREX’s state of the art mobile application.

What is Behind the Mobile Application

iFOREX combines their 20-years of trading experience with in-depth knowledge of their customer needs to create an efficient and sleek mobile app. The company has surveyed thousands of clients to customize the mobile app to make trading a breeze. The App allows you to monitor your risk and adjust your balances in real-time without taking your eye off of current market conditions.

What Are the Best Mobile Features?

The iFOREX mobile App is geared to traders who are on the go.  It allows you to execute your trades using swipe features.  Just move your finger in the direction you want to see and the app willreact to your gestures.

What Currencies and CFDs are Available?

The mobile application has access to more than 600-financial instruments, including forex and CFDs. These products can potentially enhance your returns when using iFOREX’s margin trading. When new information hits the tape, you can be ready to make a trading decision if you have mobile access.

Deposits and Withdrawals

You never know when you will need your money or need to add money to your trading account. With the iFOREX mobile application, moving your funds around is flexible. You can quickly withdraw or deposit capital using the mobile application.

Managing Your Portfolio

The mobile application allows you to manage your portfolio in every situation where you have mobile access.  The app provides a risk management position monitoring system that allows you to see your real-time profit or loss in conjunction with your open positions. If you want to make a trade, you can enter a trade, or exit with a quick swipe of the finger.

All in One Easy Platform

The IFOREX app gives you real-time access to all your trading data.  You can see news and market-moving information in conjunction with your positions. You can see the funds in your account as well as your balance sheet.  You can view all of your transactions and move money into an out of your IFOREX account using state of the art technology.  The iFOREX mobile application is something that every trader on the go should have.

One of the most important features is the ability to customize the mobile IFOREXapp layout. If you want to go directly to your positions, you can create a layout that is designed to handle this function. If you want to go directly to a trading screen, your mobile layout can handle this scenario. The flexibility provided by the state of the art technology makes the IFOREX mobile app an excellent trading tool.

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