Safety is the prime concern for all, irrespective of the age group. And with technology advancements, we are equipped with various ways and means by which we can ensure the same. Many safety products are available in the market, which help us to ensure the safety of our near and dear ones like GPS enabled chips, trackers, mobile phones etc.

But one of the most advantageous ways of ensuring the safety is via phone monitoring as now all mobile phones are GPS enabled and we keep them 24×7 with us, so no need to invest in any other product. But you need to be very sure when you try to get the monitoring enabled with mobile phones. Here we’ll provide some information on the Do’s & Don’ts which you should ensure while activating phone monitoring in certain situations.

  1. In case of Emergency Services – With GPS enabled phone, your current location can be detected by your service provider as well as by the tracker system to which you have connected your device, even in that situation when you don’t know your location, where you get stuck. So ensure you should keep your GPS “ON” every time or get your GPS started as soon as you find yourself in a position which is not comfortable and can result in an emergency.

Don’t shut the system, if possible, to avoid any serious accidents.

  1. In the case of Child Safety – Cell phone monitoring has helped the parent’s a lot as with this, they know where the child is. Some mobile apps can send the child’s location information periodically or as per the frequency parents has set, through the message. With this you are not only ensuring the safety of the child but will also keep an eye on them, ensuring that they are not involved in any bad activities.

But don’t share the login information to all, limit to those only who are trustworthy as anybody can use the information for their own benefit too.

  1. Business or Office Management – Phone monitoring can be used in offices to track the employees, to check how and where employees have spent their time. Some phone tracking device is also available with driving sensors, which can ensure that they drive within the specified limits and if they drive faster than the specified limit, then a warning message or call can be initiated to them. This was very helpful for courier and taxi companies from the safety perspective.

Companies should ensure to have this system active only during office hours with certain legal restrictions otherwise it will be a breach to the employee’s personal life.

No doubt phone monitoring is one of the best technological advancements which have happened from the security & safety point-of-view. But every new advance technology does come with certain drawbacks, which can be used for the wrong purpose by certain people, which can affect your life badly.

It’s always advisable to use the phone monitoring services after understanding their pros & cons and their limitations.