Technology keeps changing the way we travel. It is used by many homeowners to enhance the security of their homes whether they are at home or away. Travelers can use mobile apps, voice assistants and AI driven tools to plan their trips. Asides that, they help individuals to remain organized and reduce stress when traveling and arranging a limo service to Moreno Valley and other places..

Travel gadgets are a must for the 21st-century tourist. They have been providing lasting solutions to the common problems of traveling. Several people may find the plethora of options available overwhelming. The ideal thing is to plan properly and pack the ones that are appropriate for each trip. Here are the essential travel gadgets for 2019.

  1. Travel Pillows

Ergonomic travel pillows allow travelers to take a refreshing nap anywhere and maintain good posture. It’s an ideal choice for long distance trips and whether you’re traveling by road or air. Travel pillows will offer the much-needed neck support and keep your head in place as you sleep. The good thing is that most of them are compact and washable.

  1. Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers will enable you to listen to your favorite tracks on the go. Some can even last up to 10-15 hrs once they are fully charged. There are certain brands that are waterproof, reducing the risks of damage. Choose a Bluetooth speaker that supports USB charging. The best ones come with unique features like high sound quality and voice control.

  1. Water Bottle

It’s crucial to stay hydrated by drinking clean water when you’re traveling. Eco-friendly water bottles are gaining popularity. This is not surprising as almost everyone now understands the importance of going green.

Opt for a water bottle with an in-built filter if you’re traveling to an area where the water is unsafe. It only takes the filter a few minutes to make water from any source fit for drinking. The water will be free from toxic chemicals and microorganisms. Taking this decision will help you to save money.

  1. USB Travel Adapter

A universal travel adapter will eliminate the need to buy a different adapter each time you travel abroad. It usually works in over 200 countries and can charge up to 3-4 devices at once. Most USB travel adapters are lightweight and won’t take much space.

  1. Power Bank

Phone battery tends to drain at a faster rate during traveling. It’s common for tourists to use their smartphones for navigating, entertainment, capturing beautiful memories and staying in touch with others. Your best bet is to buy a power bank with WiFi hotspots so that you won’t pack two different devices. Alternatively, you can buy a solar charger to power your devices when you’re unable to charge your smartphone and power bank.

  1. Phone Accessories

Smartphones have the ability to take decent pictures like digital cameras if you use the right accessories. In fact, you will be able to snap pictures like a professional as you make new friends and enjoy the local culture in Prague. Clip-on lenses work best for taking closeup shots for Instagram.

A waterproof case will protect your phone in case it starts raining. Consider getting a portable tripod instead of a selfie stick as the former has more functionality. Keep a hard drive handy to back up your pictures, videos and important documents.

  1. Steam Iron

The way we dress really matters and will go a long way to determine how others will relate to us. Dressing smartly and neatly can increase our confidence. However, creases are inevitable at times. You should buy a portable steam iron, especially if you’re traveling for business. It can easily fit into your travel bag and has up to three heating levels for fabric.

  1. Noise Canceling Headphones

The internet gives millions of people to work remotely and collaborate with others. Most travelers delve into their work at the slightest opportunity they have. Noise-canceling headphones can help you focus on the task at hand and reduce distractions as you listen to music. It will also come in handy whenever you’re finding it difficult to sleep. The latest models support personalization to a large extent.

  1. Kindle

Travelers usually have lots of time doing nothing when traveling for long hours. Taking your kindle device along will provide a wide variety of entertainment depending on your interests. It will be easier to access your music, eBooks and favorite TV shows. Although nothing can be compared to a real book, it can take up extra space in your backpack. You don’t have to go through all that stress when you have a Kindle. It is lightweight and the battery capacity is better than before.

  1. Money Belt

Security is one of the reasons why some people don’t like traveling. The crime rate in most of the top travel destination is not slowing down. Tourists are constantly advised to protect themselves and their belongings from thieves in metro stations and other public places. Anti-theft accessories like hidden pockets, neck pouch, money belt, and infinity scarfs are non-negotiable for travelers. Your preferred destination will determine the type of accessories you need.

  1. Travel Bag

A travel bag or backpack will help you to store all your accessories and belongings. They come in different shapes and sizes. It’s better to buy the type that suits your needs. Other things to check is whether the bag is sturdy, durable and has several compartments.

Invest in an anti-theft backpack to keep your belongings safe in areas where pickpocketing is rampant. Smart suitcases that assist travelers to maximize space are the latest trends. These bags have features such as GPS tracking, remote locking, and device charger.

  1. White Noise Machine

People with one sleeping problem or the other rely on different tools and techniques to fall and stay asleep. A potable white noise machine is a typical example and it’s inexpensive. This device works by drowning all other noise in the background. Users can even personalize it to suit their preferences and lifestyle.

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