Samsung Gear S3 Apps and Games


Here, I explain to Samsung Gear S3 Apps and Games and Gear S3 is called flagship smartwatch and the Samsung Gear S3 has only been out for a short time but the Tizen-based wearable is already proving itself as a worthy device for Samsung Gear S3.

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 is one of the best smartwatches and great option thanks to that rotating bezel after some solid sports tracking features and one of the most intuitive smartwatch operating systems in Tizen that is best all time.

Tizen O.S of Samsung is now the second fastest growing O.S for wearable’s and latest report it exceeded Android Wear in number of users getting a market share of 19% while Android Wear us 18% only. It is great news for Samsung.

Samsung Gear S3

Now you see below best Samsung Gear S3 and Games and see fully list for apps and games.

Best Samsung Gear S3 Apps and Games

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1Spotify App for Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 now has an official Spotify app to allow you to enjoy music from your wrist through Wi-Fi or LTE and You all be free to browse through your playlists, charts and search for tracks on the app and with offline support for Android users and allows Premium users to listen to saved playlists even when not connected to an internet source that is best for Samsung Gear S3.

2Uber App for Gear S3

Uber are best for Samsung Gear S3 and version of the cab hailing app does not skimp on the features and screen is big enough that dragging the marker to your chosen pickup location is easy and rotating bezel lets you zoom in and out of the map and scroll through your choice of ride that is best app for Samsung Gear S3.

3Map My Run App for Gear S3

Map My Run app is now available for Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch and Map My Run app is one of best fitness tracker app for you. Map My Run app can use your GPS and track your fitness record including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned and route traveled on an interactive map including duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and route traveled on an interactive map.

Map My Run app using also save and upload your daily record that will help you in future to see your history of your records. Map My Run app for Gear S3 is now available on Galaxy App Store, very fast download it now.

4Fruit Ninja Games for Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 games on a smartwatch often look clunky and unseemly given the device small screen but Fruit Ninja is the antithesis to this and offering users precise controls that make playing it on a smartwatch less that is can very useful and playing easy like 3d type Game supported in Samsung Gear S3 that is best Games for Gear S3.

5White Light Apps for Gear S3

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White Light simplest app but useful one and White Light turns your Gear S3 into a mini torch by turning the display white and upping the brightness to max and Useful in a moment where you need some light and sensibly carries a torch with them this called White Light Apps for Gear S3.

Running and listening to music is great, but sometimes you just want to feel like James Bond, right? Thankfully, if you’re the owner of a compatible BMW vehicle, you can.

6BMW Connected app for Gear S3

BMW Connected app allows you to lock and unlock doors and check how much fuel is left in the tank and some details of your next trip and check just where exactly the car is good that is best Samsung Gear S3 Apps all time.

7Here WeGo App for Gear S3

Here WeGo download maps app on your Gear S3 and one as we find Google Maps a bit too fiddly on the watch and you can set a route and have it cache to your watch so you can continue to use it without your phone and one’s free that is best Here WeGo App for Gear S3.

8Sleep As Android App for Gear S3

Sleep as Android is regarded as one of the best alarm clocks around and Gear S3 version and Sleep as Android will employ machine learning algorithms to determine the best time to issue an alarm and even tracks the user movement overnight and added Smart wake up feature for this Gear S3 Apps.

Now Completed Guide for Top Samsung Gear S3 Apps and Games and read this above Article very helpful for you.