Quarantine, positive, and Zoom meeting are among the common words that we have heard since 2022. Whether it is a classroom or a business meeting, Zoom has been the first choice for all people. It is easy to arrange a video call or a video meeting on any device when Zoom Meeting is installed on your phone.

If you are not very familiar with Zoom and what it has to offer, then you can continue reading; we will explain a little about what it is about and how you can obtain it.


Zoom Meeting: The App We Need Today

Today it is common to talk about online meetings, webinars, or even video conferences. It is incredible to think how in a matter of months, we have had to change our “chip” and start using virtual platforms for things that we were already used to doing in person.

You can go to class, a job interview, take an exam, have a business conference or even a meeting with friends. That is why we say that Zoom is, without a doubt, what we need. Skype and WhatsApp were widely popular for video calls, but these platforms were not capable of meeting the needs that the circumstances posed to us.

Something was needed that would allow us to make calls between many people, between computers and phones simultaneously and for long periods of time, in addition to being easy to use. It’s perfect for schools as well as a host of government agencies around the world.

How Did Zoom Receive Popularity?

Zoom is software made to carry out video chats, developed by Zoom Video Communications. Among what it offers, we have instant messaging, VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and the possibility of making videoconferences.

Despite the fact that this program had been on the market since 2013, it was not until the COVID-19 pandemic that there was a significant increase in the use of Zoom and other platforms developed for the same purpose in teleworking, education to distance (mainly in institutions that went online) and even for social relationships on the internet, communicating with friends or family. Within a span of time, Zoom became one of the most downloaded mobile applications in recent years.

What Does Zoom Meeting Have to Offer?

The first thing that stands out about Zoom is its great support for different platforms. It is available for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and even Chrome OS, and you can make video calls or virtual conferences from a computer and conduct it with other people who have mobile devices, so there will be no compatibility problems.

Another very good feature of Zoom is that if you are using Google Chrome or Firefox browsers, you don’t need to install anything on your computer, and Chrome has an extension to make everything a little more comfortable.

A small detail that can serve as a setting for your video call or video conference is that Zoom gives you the ability to set a virtual background and apply it to your camera, to have the background you want behind you while you use the application, although it depends on the users’ device and operating system in use.

This video conferencing application has a screen sharing feature. This is very useful for business meetings and online classes. It shows others in the video chat what is shown on your screen, which turns out to be very useful if you want to explain a topic with pictures, point to a graph, or teach something to your classmates.


Zoom offers many amazing features, but it is important to know how safe it is to use it for our video conferences or talk with our family members. They thought about this too, and it’s pretty good, in our opinion.

On the one hand, we have pin-protected meetings or video rooms, or user authentication is requested when entering one. It also has a waiting room, locked meetings, or disabling screen sharing for any participant and the option to remove attendees by the host.

As it picked popularity in 2020, Zoom commenced end-to-end encryption for all users and for its paid and free clients; although this plus is not available for Zoom web clients, it is for all other platforms.

Ease Usability

Zoom is also characterized by being a very intuitive and easy-to-use program. In fact, many people who had never had contact with this type of program do not need to be tech-savvy, tutorials when using it for the first time.

Beyond that, we have many accessibility functions for people who are visually impaired or deaf. Over time, functions began to be added to make it easier for these people to use the program.

For instance, new features included being able to move between video windows in the gallery view. Being able to pin video windows to highlight them and keyboard shortcuts were significantly improved. Also, there are now tools to adjust the size of the subtitle texts. Interpreter video windows can now be docked next to the current speaker.

Zoom Meeting Services

Zoom not only allows you to have video conferences or video calls with your friends, but it also supports various functions and features that are tied to the plan you choose for your account. For instance, just by signing up for Zoom, you can create a room that can hold up to 100 participants simultaneously. It also allows the meeting to last a maximum of fourty minutes, and you will only be able to do one meeting.

However, for $149.90 per year, all of this is upgraded to unlimited group meetings with hundreds of participants with large meetings. Added to a streaming broadcast on social networks, and even 1 GB of recording in the Zoom cloud. There are also many other plans. For $350 not only improves the service for computers but also for mobile devices.

Among the services that Zoom offers for its payment options is the brand image of the company that organizes the room. In addition to managed domains and the transcription of recordings in the cloud. In these transcriptions, the speakers differ from each other.

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