If you are looking out for a friend or a family member or someone you have phone number, but you don’t have the correct details about him/her then REVERSE PHONE LOOKUP is something that excites me very much as it is fascinating way of finding someone along with their details, such as address, username, etc.,

If you have the number of concerned friends or the family member, they can go to reverse phone lookup which provides you the address, username, and the location on the map by just taking the phone number.

Now using reverse phone lookup is very easy as it gives you details of both cell phone numbers and also landline numbers and can be used across the globe to find out who’s number is it? Where do they belong to? etc.

Reverse phone lookup is possible also on your Google search engine as you just have to enter the phone number you want details of !! and thus it displays the address of the concerned person on the map but it is somewhat difficult to get every number you want from Google, therefore, people must opt out for phone lookup as it is much more helpful for both cell phone and landline numbers.

You just have to go to a reverse phone website enter the cell phone or landline number, and it just displays the username and address of the person associated with the phone number. But with cell phone number it is somewhat difficult to find out as it does not give you desirable results, but with a landline number, it is very easy to locate the person and also address of the person.


You might be doubting that how does this work?It is very easy to operate and also very easy to understand.You just have to go to a reverse phone lookup website where you just have to enter the telephone number with the area code which is compulsory to locate the area of the user and gives you the exact details of the user with the username.

It is slightly difficult for cell phone as some of the phone lookup sites do not function correctly for the cell phones, in other words, I can say that they do not give correct or accurate information about the cell phone numbers but for landline numbers they are very specific, and I can say that they are online version of telephone directories.

There are many online reverse phone lookup websites but INTELIUS is the most widely used phone lookup site.It is called as CELL PHONE CALLER ID, and it is very accurate and also performs very efficiently as it provides a username, address, voice of internet protocol and even some unlisted information about the user. Thanks to Kaushal from TechWhoop for suggesting this website.

Some of the other reverse phone lookup sites are anywho.com,addresses.com, phone lookup, white pages, cell revealer and much more.

Whitepages.com – It all started in 2008, and it almost had 180 million U.S. customers per month. Now it has approximately 37 million users, and most of them are adults from U.S. International numbers can be searched on this site and gives the most desirable and accurate result.

Anywho.com – It is controlled by AT&T. It also has yellowpages.com which does the same function and it is also widely used. Only international numbers can be searched on this website. It approximately has 3.3 million US customer per month.

Addresses.com – As I mentioned earlier INTELIUS.INC is the most widely used reverse phone lookup site it operates addresses.com, and this site gives you total information about the address of the user you want to know. But due to some of the privacy issues Intelius discontinued its service and stopped giving details about the users. It approximately has 11 million U.S. customers per month.

Now the reason why cell phone numbers are very difficult to trace is that cell phone numbers are issued by private telecom operators that maintain some tough security in order to maintain privacy of their numbers and also the users set up some kind of security pins disabling the tracking of their phone numbers and thus the landline numbers do not have any such kind of privacy or security it makes it easy to trace and locate it around any corner of the globe.

Reverse phone lookup is very useful if you are looking the major details about whomsoever concerned but it is not free, while some of them may be free but do not provide you the information you want. To get the desired information you just need to search a reverse phone lookup site from your search engine and you might be asked to pay around 15$ per month or a yearly fee for unlimited username searches.

reverselookup.com is a site that gives you information about the user freely, i.e., free of cost. Now as it does not charge it may give you some limited information about the user.It usually asks you to provide the area code and the phone number, and if you are not able to provide the area code then it may not give you any information, so the area code is a must.


I also wanted to mention that reverse phone lookup is free for landline users and only chargeable for cellphone users.

411 is too mainly used telephone directories across the internet to locate people and their address.

Now reverse phone lookup is also disadvantageous as it is often used by criminal minded people to find out the address of people and get details about them. But it can also be used to track the spammers, mischievous and even criminal minded people. It is also used by the police department to monitor them.

Concluding, I can say that reverse phone lookup is you can look for if you are searching your friend’s address or a family members details and get in touch with him/her.

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