Although we may already be a couple of months through 2022, there are still several huge sporting events that are still to come in the months that remain.

Indeed, whilst fans will be rejoicing with this in mind, there will be many who will have been left feeling rather pleased as this will mean that they will still have a number of sports betting opportunities remaining whereby they can place a wager on a potential outcome.

Sports betting has significantly continued to grow in recent years, as technology has allowed for several developments to be made, including the potential to bet on some of the world’s biggest sporting events.

However, which of them are still left to happen in 2022? Let’s look at some of the biggest still left on the calendar:


There are a host of different events scheduled to take place in April, including The Masters 2022, The Randox Grand National, F1 Australian GP and Emilia Romagna GP, as well as the NFL Draft and the epic heavyweight boxing match between Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte.


May also features several huge sporting events including the F1 Miami GP, the Kentucky Derby, the FA Cup, the PGA Championship, the French Open (Roland Garros), the UEFA Europa League Final, F1 Spanish GP, EFL League 1 playoff Final, EFL League 2 playoff Final, EFL Championship Final, and the UEFA Champions League Final.


The Women’s 2022 U.S. Women’s Open golf major, F1 Azerbaijan GP, Le Mans, U.S. Open, Royal Ascot, F1 Canadian GP, and Wimbledon are just some of the major sporting events that are scheduled to happen in June 2022.


The sport continues to come thick and fast in July, with the F1 British GP kicking things off at the beginning of the month, whilst the Tour de France also takes place and the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 competition. Additionally, the 150th Open Championship and numerous other Formula 1 races will also take place.


August will see the return and beginning of the English Premier League season as the 2022/23 campaign will begin, thus providing fans of football with the opportunity to place a number of bets once again, whilst the U.S. Tennis Open will begin towards the end of the month as fans will be able to witness the final Grand Slam of the year.


September is another month that will feature several Formula 1 races, as well as a host of huge golf competitions, tennis tournaments and even cycling events.


The same can be experienced when looking at next October regarding the sporting campaign, with several top events taking place. This can include the London Marathon, various F1 Grand Prix, as well as several international rugby tournaments including the Women’s World Cup.


November is perhaps the biggest month for football fans this year as the FIFA World Cup in Qatar will take place, whilst the F1 season will come to an end as will the tennis season. Indeed, the FIFA World Cup is arguably the biggest sporting event in the world, with it having been claimed that over 1 billion people tuned into the 2018 Final at some point throughout the match.


December is pretty much for football fans, as the FIFA World Cup will continue to be played and will see the Final be contested on December 18, whilst the Premier League season will return after a short break on Boxing Day!

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