If you have a passion for music and are considering delving into the world of DJing, then it’s important for you to know where to start. You may already have an extensive understanding of music in terms of how to play around with beats and how to make smooth transitions, but all of this is useless if you don’t have the right accessories. Being prepared is half the struggle to success, and having the best must-have equipment is what you need to look into so that you can be well on your way to DJing like a pro.

So we’re going to get you started and provide you with a list of the 5 most important accessories that you need to have.



Even if you get most of your tracks in mp3 form, you need to have turntables to play vinyl or CDs because there are many tracks that are only available in vinyl or CDs and you’ll have to purchase them. Having a turntable also allows you to experiment with mixing in a different manner, then the way the old school pro’s used to do it. It adds an authentic touch and it shows your scope in understanding the different styles of mixing tracks.


Having a decent pair of headphones is essential to DJing because this is the best way for you to listen to separate tracks simultaneously and to get the transitions done accurately. There are quite a few available on the market that are made especially for the purpose of DJing, so you’re going to want to look into trusted sites like DJ Equipment Reviews to really understand each brand and each model and know what kind of quality and specs different kinds of headphones provide.


You simply cannot be a DJ if you don’t have mixers and controllers. Mixers are used to control the process of transitioning from one track to the next. It’s what you can connect your headphones to and you need to link it to your turntable and PC so that you can play around with the sounds as well. Different kinds of mixers have different features, so look into the ones that you think would suit your level of expertise. Mixers are especially essential if you intend to use a turntable.

If you intend to only use CD’s or mp3’s, then you have to invest in a decent set of controllers. It’s basically a tool that is a combination of the mixer and the turntable, so that you’re able to control the transitions and play around with the sounds as well. DJ controllers can offer features of different sounds and tools to work with as well, so make sure that you try them out before you invest.


Depending on whether you’ve started to play gigs or not, this will determine what kind of speakers you will need in order to get the desired sound from your tracks. If you’re just starting off and are solely working from home, then getting a decent pair of speakers for your home is imperative. Even though having headphones is important to pay attention to the details, you need to hear what the output of the sound will be on speakers, as it is different.

If you’re going to start playing gigs at some point, then you need to get yourself a couple of outdoor speakers, because getting the sound and reach just right in a large space that might have a lot of people and therefore, noise, you need to figure out how to get the sound adjusted in a way that it sounds perfect when being projected in an open or large space. Getting the right size and kind of PA speakers for a gig is important. You’ll find that most venues have their own speakers, but in the event that they either do not have speakers or perhaps if there’s an issue, then at least you’ll have your own with you, and you’ll be well prepared.


Regardless of whether you’re going to be working with a turntable or solely with your PC, you’re going to have to have a software that will help you manage the production of your tracks. Software offer features that allow you to really experiment with your music, or you could even produce music from scratch. It’s also useful in that you get to keep your collection of tracks saved in one place, giving you easy access as you make your productions. You’ll really want to see what software most DJs are using so that you’re up to date and check out the reviews as well to see which one you think would suit you and your needs best.

Becoming a DJ does take a lot of work, and that’s why it’s important that before you really get down to production, that you have the essentials at the ready. It’s always smart to stay well informed and check out what the latest news and upgrades are in terms of tool and equipment so that you are always up to date and ready to use the best tools to help you make the best productions. Besides the 5 we’ve already mentioned, you should also look into the small items that could really go a long way in making life easier.

If you’re into collecting vinyl and CDs, then be sure to have a rack or a custom made storage made so that you can keep them safe and within reach. There are also portable carry bags made specifically for vinyl. Achieving the best sound possible will be easier if you ensure that you have the 5 items mentioned above, and all that’s left is for you to come up with the best production! The best way to do so is to have the correct software, the right kind of speakers, and the ability to pay attention to the details so that you become well versed in the ability to make smoother transitions as well as being able to master the sound so that when your music is played to a large crowd on bigger speakers, the sound is impeccable.


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