As we pass through these challenging pandemic times, the situation is suited for spending quality time with our families. Make the most of this period using some fun family activities from the comfort of your homes. Mobile gaming with family is right on top of that list of entertainment-filled pass times with your dear ones.

We will give you a curated list of ten interactive mobile gaming applications that promise hours of immense frolic and family goodness. They are designed such that either each member will be assigned roles or those that involve turn-based gameplay. Unlike the two-player games category provided in, these games are meant for more member participation. Ultimately, they promise collaboration and teamwork for the whole family.


This widely famous multiplayer turn-based board game is now available on the mobile platform. Known for providing fun-filled gameplay simulated using rolling of dice and moving pointers, it is a game that is equally enjoyable for all categories of gamers.

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Worms 3

This game is an adaptation of the classic board version that entertained a generation of children. The points are earned in the same way using a turn-based approach. With a Chromecast connection, Worms 3 can be streamed on TV. This enables everyone on the lounge to see the game results in real-time. For android users, it is available on Playstore at $0.99.

Draw Something

This game is also based on an adaptation of the classic version. Draw Something involves challenging the family members to draw items based on the descriptions provided. Its easy learning curve and ability to play with members across the globe make this game a fun prospect.

Once the game is over, the pleasure of tallying up the points to decide the winner is another highlight of the game. This game is available on Android and comes completely free of cost.

Family Feud 8, Friends

This game tests the general knowledge of each member by asking questions ranging from anything under the sun. The interactive animations, predictive inputs, and the astounding background music of this game are worth mentioning.

The vivid descriptions involved in the questioning have the potential of giving your family hours of fun and competition.

Hidden Objects

For the detective and crime enthusiasts out there, this game is for you. Hidden Objects presents virtual crime scenes and demands family members to take turns and find clues and valuables intricately hidden in the game. For more cool detective games on Android, check out

The hidden objects provide evidence of the crime that helps in solving the case. This game also allows players to share the experience with their friends on Social Media.


This is a decent alternative to Tetris, where you move around animated gems for points. Bejeweled requires the participants to take turns and swap gems. The interactive nature and time-based gameplay have turned this into one of the top games for family entertainment.

The in-game animations, attractive theme songs, and bonus points add to the addictive nature of this arcade game.


Catan is based on the concept of building a Civilization. By taking turns, family members can create their virtual community. This open-world game allows the players to forage, mine, and cultivate crops for the people of your faction.

To make things more exciting, players can also wage wars against each other to win gold, points, and other valuable gaming resources. The winner is the party who ends up with the most thriving population. With elements to excite players of all ages, Catan is tailor-made for family fun.


This digitized version of the classic entertains and educates at the same time. Take turns, create words, and emerge the scrabble champion. From primary school kids to senior members of your family, this vocabulary-based game has been a loved one for generations. The digital version does bring the added appeal due to the visual effects and animations associated with the moves and winning celebrations.


Uno has been one of the favorite card games at parties and homes alike. Players win points by strategic usage of their deck of cards on a colorful and interactive board. The immersive storyline keeps all players hooked for prolonged periods of game time.

Quiz Up

You and your dear ones can test your mental mettle for a long time with this trivia game. With a huge variety of topics to choose from, QuizUp has impressed audiences on a global scale. You can also face off with friends and random strangers from across the world to test your know-how on any topic of your choice.

Wrapping Things Up

Mobile game developers are making it as convenient as ever to enjoy some digital family time. Leverage these gaming applications for hours of laughter, joy, and bonding. Sitting home during the pandemic does not seem too dull now, does it?

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