The number of video games, as well as their genres, is increasing each year. With the game sequels that developers love creating so much, any game insider will give you extensive reviews on a particular series like The Witcher or GTA. With the whole world put under quarantine, the number of players searching for the best RPG games of all time is skyrocketing.

But why are people so obsessed with adding more items to their collections of xbox one best rpg games? Regardless of the growing game number, the reasons for playing games stay the same. Before typing an “all time best rpgs” request, learn why you love playing video games first.


Playing Till the Dawn

If you found yourself playing computer games till the dawn or constantly thinking about the shooting strategy you failed to use, there are high chances that you are a great fan of action games. Saving princesses from dragons or searching for the right bullet to kill the enemy in action games has a gripping effect. It’s even more intense than an action or horror movie. Why do people spend precious hours in virtual realities?

The answer is complicated, especially when it comes to action video games.

It’s All About Escapism

Once in a while, we all feel exhausted from living in daily reality. Artificial environments are often more diverse and exciting to act in.

Action games and RPG games, or two in one, give an individual a fantastic reality. A player meets extraterrestrial creatures, befriends hotshot characters, and experiences breathtaking moments. It sounds funnier and more inspiring than doing mundane jobs in corporate offices.

Many people negatively think of escapism. However, escapism is a positive thing because it allows an individual to recharge in virtual reality. After playing for a few hours, you feel fresh and energized. All those enemy-killing missions or artifact searches distract a player from the stress they experience in real life.


Playing action games as stress relief is cheaper than visiting amusement parks. Because a player prevents health deterioration caused by stress, they visit doctors and psychotherapists less frequently.

That does not, however, mean that extremely long sessions of escapism are good. Playing action games for more than an hour daily causes a sedentary lifestyle and worsens one’s eating habits. In turn, the lack of movement and kilos of chips and fries lead to headaches, stomachaches, insomnia, and depression. Hence, all you need is to control the number of hours spent on playing games.

Action Games Satisfy Our Psychological Needs

Everyone has a few psychological needs they must meet. We might rarely think of them because such aspects are deeply imprinted in human subconsciousness.

Regardless of our race, class, or income, we all seek

  • power or control;
  • freedom or independence;
  • recognition.

We love power. Seeking control in one’s life is a basic psychological need we try to satisfy in a world with unstable economies and armed conflicts. We love improving our skills and progressing in knowledge, whether job- or hobby-related.

If you ever played Skyrim, you know how satisfying it feels when your character progresses from one skill to another. They become more powerful, accomplish more goals, and increase the level of endorphins in your blood. Making one’s enemy flat on their back while playing best wrestling video games feels even more exciting than winning in a real-life wrestle.

In the end, you feel happy and more confident.

We crave independence. The feeling of autonomy and freedom is empowering. Freedom is the greatest thing we treasure. Yet, no wonder that the most common punishment in human society is imprisonment.

In the majority of the action and RPG games, one plays for a character with superweapons. The experience is especially awesome when a character is at the center of an interesting story.

Being free to choose which weapon to use in Bloodborne or which characters to fight in The Witcher is amazing. A player is independent. They can pick any turn while exploring an open world or decide to fight or hide from the animals and other dangerous creatures.

We need recognition to be mentally healthy. If you are not the most popular person at school or university, your self-esteem might be low. This is where action games come to help. An action-games community is a safe space to master communication skills, teamwork, and decision-making skills.

Once a person becomes a trained player, they no longer need strong recognition in the real world. Their self-esteem is higher, and their excellent gaming skills are evident. They may also become professional players or enter the gaming industry as programmers and designers. Now, who cares what your social media ratings are?

Other Reasons for Playing Action Games

Playing action games is a hobby. Feeling appreciation is priceless. If one has a boring job, starting an unusual hobby is a great way to build confidence and small talk resources. And though the activity does not sound too unusual, knowing how to play challenging games and win them will definitely attract a couple of curious peers.

Playing action games is a … job. As rare as it sounds, some people play action games because it is their job. Have you ever heard of Dota tournaments? Yeah, this is exactly where you’ll find professional gamers playing for money and international acknowledgment.

Playing action games is simply a strike of curiosity. Some people love trying new things out of curiosity. While they will never become professional players or turn gaming into their main hobby, such individuals may play a new game every once in a while. We can’t blame them: life is all about action (and sometimes action games).

Final Thoughts

Escaping into action games surely brings positive consequences, but only when it is controlled. In action gaming, a player satisfies their psychological needs such as control, freedom, and recognition. Whether you are an amateur or professional player, action games are a great way to boost confidence and relieve daily stress.