Virality is one of the methods that can bring the author to popularity on social media in a short time. Lots of content went viral spontaneously, and the creators just woke up famous the next morning. Sometimes they did not even intend to be popular, yet it was destined to happen.

But, as the development of social media marketing strategies grew, some general principles of making viral content were found.  So here you are given some tips that can increase your chances to make your post on Instagram go viral.

Improve Your Metrics



The content of such a type is called viral because it spreads fast and wide. The more people will see your post, the further they can carry it on with their reposts and mentions. By the mechanism of social approval, a user’s interest can be triggered by the big numbers of views and likes that he can see. So one of the methods to turn people’s attention to your post is to buy stats on Instagram.

The first piece of advice to catch is: video content is preferred. If you want to attract more users, you can buy Instagram video views on That will save you some time in the pursuit for popularity.

Find Your Niche


Instagram is one of the most crowded social platforms. Thus it is truly hard to bring something 100% unique since almost every topic is occupied by a bunch of bloggers. Here’s what you need to think about when defining your blog’s theme:

  • Change the angle. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to introduce a fresh view on usual things
  • Look for less popular topics in your region. That means fewer competitors in the first place
  • Search for the newest trends in your industry and roll them out to the audience before all your concurrents.

Hashtags For Winning


Adding relevant hashtags is very important if you want your content to be noticed by many people. And the most useful feature is to reach Top nine posts on Instagram search. Instagram has a special algorithm that gathers and analyzes the information about these posts. Usually, it picks for the top nine the most viewed posts, the ones that get more comments, likes, and shares.

 If you want to make this algorithm work for you, avoid too general and popular hashtags. Top posts for most used hashtags tend to change more often. More rare and specific hashtags seriously increase our chances to stay longer within the top nine posts in the search.

Find Out Who Is Your Audience


To reach success in making a viral post, you have to know for whom are you creating it. Age, profession, region, gender identity, education – all these things matter for creating viral content. You need to hit your viewer right in his heart with your work. The easiest way to detect what is your audience is to turn your profile into Business. That feature enables the function of Insights, where you can see all the statistics and gather this information for further work.

After interpreting all that information on your behalf you will easily find something that will attract the right crowd for your content.

Be Consistent And Useful


Nowadays, when the internet and social media are overloaded with blogs of different kinds, it is important to provide a high-quality product for your followers. People want to stay entertained, yet they also want to see something besides fun. Being consistent means you give your viewers a valuable product, whatever topic and genre it may be. Don’t chase the quantity. Meaningless posts won’t go viral whatsoever. But when you put much effort in creating your content, people will be eager to share it with their friends.

Instagram provides a perfect format of video-content – they should be short and meaningful, as there is a limit to 60 seconds. With the rising popularity of IGTV this limit fades off, but the short footage still runs. Here are the best-working types of video content that users be attracted to:

  • How-to’s
  • Tutorials
  • Recipes
  • Cuteness (primarily kittens and puppies, but basically any pets will do. Same works for babies)
  • Socially important issues

Make It Personal


As it was stated before, social issues have become one of the most discussed topics on social media. The development of social platforms gives every person a possibility to share their story with the world. Social media, including Instagram, are becoming a powerful instrument to show an attitude and bring attention to different things. Reveal what your opinion is, and people who think the same will spread your post further, and will use your words for reference too. Creating a strong community is one of the end goals for any blogger, and not only on Instagram.

Pure emotions that are filmed in a post or Story, can easily go viral, when the creator is sincere and speaks from his heart. That is the point where the relationship between an influencer and his audience starts. The effectiveness of this method lies in the desire of a user to feel involved. The power of unity is a notorious power for society, so it is important to speak for something that matters in real life.

A Short Final Note

There are many factors that affect the virality of a certain post, and the luck is still a strong one. The techniques above can seriously increase the chances for your post on Instagram to go viral, yet you have to rely on your intuition as well. So, we wish you good luck! 🙂