Everybody wants to save money while shopping online or at the nearest store. Saving is currently the trend. For some people, bargain hunting is a real sport. They collect vouchers, flyers, or weekly ads, and only go shopping after doing detailed brochure research. But the days when advertising leaflets and flyers had to be rolled over to find the best offers and deals are over. The Internet has got some significant apps and sites where users can find deals at multiple stores.

As in many areas of life, the digital world makes our lives easier when it comes to saving. That is why it is much easier with an offer app called Kupino app that has the current ads, special hot deals, flyers, and weekly ads of the shops that are located near you. Should you use the Kupino app? Let’s find out in the article below:


Kupino App: What Is It?

Kupino.com is an already popular website in 17 countries where users can get to know the weekly ads, thousands of hot deals, and special deals in various stores. Now it offers the Kupino app that offers the same services that you enjoy on the website. You always get updated with deals at your favorite stores in the city on this Kupino app.

How to Download Kupino App?

Kupino app is available for download on Android devices since June 2021 and users can get the app on Google Play Store. But remember that the app is available in 17 nations so, you need to check if the Kupino app is available in your region or not.

What Are the Features of the Kupino App?

As we said the main feature of the Kupino app is to provide all the deals, flyers, leaflets, and weekly ads to the users but with the Kupino app, you can do all that easily.

All at One Place: All the flyers and catalogs of multiple stores can be found on the app very easily. So, next time you visit the store, even if you forget to read the leaflets from the mailbox, you can check the hot deals with this app

Look for Product on Sale: The app has a special category where it shows promotional products from popular and trusted manufacturers so, you won’t miss thee deals.

Search the Deals by Stores:Kupino app provides offers from all the popular stores like Ikea, Kroger, Gant, Aldi, Walgreens, and many more. So, you can search the deals or weekly ads on this app by your favorite store or the store nearby you. It lists 96,116 stores.

Well-Organized and Enticing UI: Just like the site, the Kupino app has listed all the products and deals in a variety of categories so users can find everything according to their needs. From grocery, furniture, drugstore, to automotive, fashion, and sports material, you can find deals on everything here. The easy to use UI of the app makes everything easy for the users.

Locate the Stores: If you are in a new city then Kupino can be your best buddy when it comes to shopping. It will show you the nearest stores with map navigation and the best hot deals (that’s what it does the best).

Compare Various Deals: When all the deals from multiple stores seem lucrative, the Kupino app shall help you to compare them all and suggest you the best ones.


We used the app and it really shows all the current flyers and hot deals offered by various stores in your city. If you really wish to save money on your shopping bills and grab the best current deals available at the stores near you then we recommend the Kupino app. Download it from the Google Store and rate the app.