Ever since the beginning of the 21st century, the world has been fortunate enough to witness exponential growth in the software industry. Software engineers call it software evolution, which is the process of developing, maintaining and updating the software. This type of change is inevitable, as software needs to adapt to environmental changes, add new equipment and improve the system by fixing errors and security breaches. Software development is regarded by many businesses as a critical asset, which they regularly invest in. Doing so guarantees to keep the software up-to-date. That said, here is what you need to know about the evolution of software development.



Computer Software

Today, computer devices are involved in almost every facet of our day-to-day lives. A computer system is made up out of two components: hardware and software. Together, these two components offer a system that is ready for entertainment and productivity. Together, all four components of computer software make it possible for the software to continue to evolve.

System Software

Traditionally, computer software has four types. Systems, malicious, application, and programming software. System software encompasses everything that makes it possible to access the functions of the hardware. This will include operating systems, translators, which translate high-level language code to low-level machine code, and utilities, which make sure the application or device are operating at optimum functionality.

This has evolved drastically in past years, like with IoT (Internet of Things), which describes the connection of machines to the internet. It is commonly sought by companies that wish to add a digital presence to their services. It has become easier to implement an Internet of Things software development with tools like machine learning that are capable of uncovering hidden insights in the Big Data without human intervention. The IoT can be strengthened by applying the best practices of Big Data analytics, which help collect and process IoT data. This was not previously attainable, as it is the result of the evolution of software development.

Application Software & Malware

Application software is purposefully designed for mobile phones, PCs and web browsers. It is a program that is designed for end-users. There are many types of application software, which include application suite, enterprise infrastructure software, information work software, and educational software. The evolution of each of these types has facilitated day-to-day operations, by granting users access to user-friendly interfaces, which have enabled productivity. Whereas malware is designed to protect your browser or device from black hat hackers. Both application software and malware have granted us access to the internet, allowing us to explore while protecting our privacy.

Programming Software

Programming software makes it possible to have other software upgraded, and new ones created. Examples of programming software would be compilers, debuggers, assemblers, and interpreters. When all these software is combined, it is known as Integrated Development Environment, IDE.

The Evolution of Software Development

In contrast to today’s software, outdated software lacks the speed, efficiency, effectiveness and aesthetic that is highly sought by consumers. Over the years, software developers have managed to refine and reshape them into what they look like today. The evolution of software development has made it possible for people to stay connected with friends and family from other hemispheres. It has introduced a new gaming experience and allows people to complete work with more ease and better productivity.

Software Development

The years have been kind to software development, as it has allowed its expedited evolution. Today, we can enjoy the benefits of software evolution, which include staying connected with friends or family. Due to the evolution of software development, productivity and efficiency are at an all-time peak, making it possible for a process like the Internet of Things to exist.

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