Platforms like Wish and Alibaba gained traction for being a one-in-all online store where users can search for anything they want and get their hands on the same without any hassle. That’s the principle behind as well.

The website has pretty much anything that you can think of. From clothes to accessories, the website has it all.

If you are considering buying things from Spinpaper and are wondering if the website is a scam or legit, you have come to the right place. This article will explore it all.


More about Spinpaper

Spinpaper is an online e-commerce platform that hosts different categories of products, including clothes, jewelry, accessories, lamps, house and kitchen essentials, etc. 

The list of products available on their website is indefinite. Also, not only are their products already cheap and affordable, they have sales and discounts available on their website year around, which means that you can get the items for a fraction of the price.

Is Spinpaper a legit Company?

This is where things get a little sketchy. The majority of the customers that have bought from Spinpaper have confirmed that their products aren’t the best in terms of quality.

Also, Spinpaper has a lot of things on their website, which warrant this kind of question. Let us discuss them.

  • The address mentioned on Spinpaper’s website isn’t legit when you try to look it up online. It says, “address doesn’t exist.” This goes to show that we have no idea about the company’s whereabouts and where they source their products from.
  • The website doesn’t have a dedicated customer service section on their website, which is again a huge downside. If you are someone that wants to talk to their customer service agents, there’s no way to get through.
  • When you open the website’s product pages, a fake Norton security logo pops up, further confirming the fact that the website is most likely not legit.

These are just a handful of the excerpts that showcase that Spinpaper is not a legit website. There are rumors that it might be a dropshipping company, wherein they receive the order and the rest is done through dropshipping. However, we don’t know for sure if that’s the case.

What are the Customers Saying about

The customers have a mixed review kind of situation when it comes to Spinpaper. The majority of them confirm that the products aren’t good quality and the website has even scammed them for their money concerning returns and exchanges.

Irrespective of the situation, here are a few pros and cons to tally the options:


  • A diverse range of products
  • Quick shipping
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Easy-to-navigate website


  • Poor reviews
  • Quality isn’t good
  • Return and exchange policy is bad

Based on these, we’d suggest you tally your options and always proceed with caution when purchasing from the website.

Final Verdict

Is legit? We don’t have any way to confirm the fact that Spinpaper is a scam. However, that said, what we can confirm is that the website is not at the top of the list. If you are considering buying, we’d recommend you proceed with caution.

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