Android is popular among users because the possibilities of getting different enticing apps here are amazing. Plus, OS itself has various interesting features and functions that make the user experience even better. Among the various apps for Android, QuickShortcutMaker is a very popular app that allows users to create a short cut of android apps in the simplest ways to keep them on the home screen.

It is an application that, as its name indicates, is to create shortcuts on the homes screen of our smartphone. The main purpose of the app is to offer users save time when accessing the most common functions of the apps that are installed on their phones. In some devices, this application is used to remove and replace forgotten google accounts, thus allowing access to the device blocked by a google account. Plus, QuickShortcutMaker is totally free and offers great functions for free.


What Are The Functions of QuickShortcutMaker

  • It can customize shortcuts.
  • Access to Factory Reset Protection settings.
  • Access to FRP Lock settings on your device.
  • Quick access to application menus and settings.
  • Access to reset protection settings.

Why Should You Use QuickShortcutMaker?

Allows to Create Shortcuts Simply

You can create shortcuts to applications such as activities and processes, making it possible that although you can create a shortcut of any of the apps installed on your phone. Plus, you can also create a shortcut of any functions available in the app. This makes access to any feature of the phone very quickly.

Easily Bypass FRP

QuickShortcutMaker app can be used to remove google block (FRP) with ease. Suppose you are struggling to find a great application to remove and unlock Factory Reset Protection (FRP). In that case, your search ends here as QuickShortcutMaker is an application that might need additional to others such as “Google Account Manager”.


Since the application is available on Google Play Store, we can ensure that this app is safe to use. It doesn’t cause harm to our personal data or security and can be easily installed on our phone.

Completely Free Download

As we mentioned earlier, QuickShortcutMaker is totally free, and you can easily install it on your phone. The QuickShortcutMaker latest version 2.4.0 can be installed from a third-party app installer as well.

Easy to use

The Interface of this application, like others, is focused on easy and pleasant use for the user. It is developed intuitively so that the user will discover in a simple way how to interact and use the application. The options are developed so that users will find it easy to navigate the QuickShortcutMaker application.

How Does QuickShortcutMaker Work?

Well, the use of this application is quite simple since it allows creating shortcuts on the desktop of the devices in a simple way and with customization that the Android OS does not offer by default. So, it is possible to place an icon of the app that allows access to their various functions instantly. It offers the possibility of taking advantage of some of the functions offered. For example, you can make changes in the setting app through the shortcut without even navigating through the settings.

And this is achieved in a really simple way, since once QuickShortcutMaker is enabled, a list of the applications that are installed appears. Then it is possible to establish different filters such as activities or tasks. Once the job you want to use is selected, click on it, and all the options that the development detects as the potential for use appear to create a shortcut. Thus, everything is really intuitive and, in a few seconds, the new icon is available. The app also allows you to customize the name and icon image of the app so that only you can know what’s behind those images and the apps.

An important detail is that the compatibility offered by QuickShortcutMaker is really high, so it is possible to use this application on a device with Android 2.0 or higher and without having to integrate powerful hardware. So, we can say that QuickShortcutMaker is completely compatible with Android phones, and it is possible to take advantage of all the possibilities offered by this app.

How to Install QuickShortcutMaker

The app is available on Google Play Store, so you do not need a specific guide on downloading and installing QuickShortcutmaker on your phone. You just need to open Google Play Store, search for this application in the search bar, and you can download the app without any hassle.

If you want to download the QuickShortcutMaker APK file online, then here’s what you need to do. Read and perform the following steps, which summarizes how to install the APK QuickShortcutMaker application; proceed to follow the installation steps exactly:

Step #1 – To install the Apk, you need to navigate to Settings and enable “Unknown Sources”.

Step #2 – Simply navigate to “Menu” and “Settings”.

Step #3 – Proceed to go down and select the option “Security”.

Step #4 – Proceed to go down and check the box “Unknown Sources”.

Step #5 – You will be shown the following message: “The phone and personal data are more vulnerable to attacks from applications of unknown sources. The user agrees to be solely responsible for any damage to the phone or loss of data that may arise from the use of these applications.”:

Step #6 – Proceed to click on the option “Accept”.

Step #7 – Return to the main menu of the mobile phone and select the file manager or wherever the file is located.

Step #8 – Choose the location Internal Memory or Micro SD, where you save the QuickShortcutMaker APK file.

Step #9 – Proceed to select and open the file QuickShortcutMaker APK.

Step #10 – The following message will appear on the screen: “Do you want to install QuickShortcutMaker?,” click on the option “Next” and then click on the option “Install”.

Step #11 – Once the Application is installed, click on “Open”.

Step #12 – Ready, you will have the QuickShortcutMaker Apk installed correctly.

Final Words

In short, QuickShortcutMaker is an application that is worth trying and, due to its functions when creating personalized shortcuts on Android; it is sure to save time when using phones and tablets on a daily basis. This feature has been introduced to Apple recently, and QuickShortcutMaker provides this function for years to Android users. So, it’s always good to try such apps.