What is Prodigy Math Game? – Most of us would have an aversion or we can call ‘phobia” of different subjects in our school days. Some hated History, some hated physics, but the majority of haters are inclined to Mathematics. Math has been getting hatred from almost every generation but no need to worry about your kids now. Prodigy Math game has got back for them. If your kid is in kindergarten or till the grade 8th then you can teach your kids math by playing math games online. Your kids won’t feel irritated while learning math from Prodigy Math Game.

Nowadays online math learning websites and apps are becoming popular and teacher, parents, and students are tending towards these sites. Sites like HoodaMath, MathPapa, and others are being used worldwide to learn math with math games, math test, math tutorials, and many more fun activities. Prodigy Math Game is exclusive for students from grade 1 to grade 8. It is available for absolutely free and it claims that it will remain free forever. According to its official website, over 20 million parents, teacher, and students all over the world are using Prodigy Math Game for free and they have trust in the website.

Why should you use Prodigy Math Game to learn Math?

“Prodigy Math Games” delivers a unique learning experience via an interactive math game where you have to get a good score and your success depends on correctly answering skill-building math questions. Student can earn rewards, go on searches and play with friends and learn all new things about math with learning a new skill.

What is Important in Prodigy Math Game?

  • All the content is made and presented to every student’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Math questions on Prodigy Math Game are fully designed with state-level curricula which include Common Core and TEKS, so this online tool is always connected to your classroom.
  • More than 1,400 skills are available to give students the opportunity to learn more and keep growing.

This is for the student; if you are a parent then Prodigy Math Game is also an important tool for you.

  • You can monitor what math practice your kids are working on
  • You can check your kid’s understanding and progress level
  • If you want to set goals and give reward to encourage even your kids even more then you can do it too on this online tool.

How to Use the Prodigy Math Game?

Using Prodigy Math Game is quite simple, you just need to open the website of Prodigy math Game and register for free. Why registering is important? If you are logged in then your data and all the learning work is saved so you can measure your progress or your kids’ progress.

Prodigy Math Game is also available for mobile devices. It is available for iPhone/iPad as well as Android devices.

Prodigy Math Game iOS Download  

Prodigy Math Game APK Download

Features of Prodigy Math Game

More than 1200 significant math skills for grades 1 to 8

Prodigy Math Games cover content from all major topics and has materials from Grades 1 – 8 to help ensure students are ready for standardized testing.

Address each kid’s individual needs

Prodigy uses a diagnostic test to place students in the correct grade, automatic differentiation, and, embedded assessments; it makes sure that each student succeeds at his/her own pace.

For Teacher or Parents – Inform your classroom with 24/7 reporting

Everything your kids or students learn on in Prodigy is reported back to you in real time instantly. You can see which skills your kids have mastered and where they may need some additional support so they can make progress in it.

Teachers and students never have to pay for Prodigy

On Prodigy math Game, all features like reporting and access to the program are free and will remain free forever.

What is Prodigy Math Game Premium Membership?

Prodigy Math Game is completely free for students, parents, and teachers but there is a completely optional parent upgrade that only unlocks extra game content such as new hairstyles for a kid’s character and has absolutely no impact on educational quality.