MariSilicon X chip is Oppo’s latest hand on self-developed semiconductor chips. Oppo is already a leading smartphone brand in the domestic market. Still, its new chip promises to bring mobile phone photographs to a whole new level. What makes it so special? Zoom in and find out.


All Chips on Self-Sufficiency

Oppo’s new chip is a neural processing unit (NPU) and will improve the quality of photographs and videos. The chips will be manufactured in Taiwan and might hit the shelves at the beginning of 2022. Other smartphone companies, like Vivo, are also investing in developing similar chips.

The Chinese government warmly welcomes such competition. The strive for self-sufficiency in the sector came after US sanctions against Huawei prevented the Chinese company from buying key components.

With components being sourced at home, national companies are immune from the repercussions of political stand-offs. Oppo’s new marvel will be part of its next model, the Find X Series. The new model will also come with a technology to recharge it completely within 15 minutes and chipsets with high-quality GPUs. This means gamers can enjoy anything from PUBG to gambling on their favorite NJ online casinos with quality graphics for hours at a time.

Neural Processing Unit

NPUs are the last word in data processing, and it’s much more effective than CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (graphics processing unit). This technology employs deep learning to speed up AI processes, improving efficiency. In fact, Oppo’s new chip can aptly process up to 18 TOPS (trillion operations per second).

As Smart As It Looks

AI technology isn’t new in digital cameras. Most current smartphones already use AI at some level, but it takes a lot from the CPU. MariSilicon X solves this problem with its 6nm process, which can deal with the required AI by itself. The result is much better performance, especially in low light. This new model is expected to be even better than the current top-tier model, the Find X3 Pro, one of the best cameras released in 2021.

The Find X3 Pro was pretty impressive already, with its 4K video processing. Yet, MariSilicon is expected to provide 20x faster AI processing and 4K Night Video. Its extra DDR memory doesn’t need to share the memory with the main CPU, delivering top-notch power efficiency. Oppo is joining tech giants like Google and Huawei in the development of NPUs.

Knowledge Is Power

AI-related tasks are very energy-consuming. One of the best feats of Oppo’s new chip is that it’s highly energy-efficient.

If you’re a photo-lover or professional, you’ll appreciate that the new chip mainly makes it so that your phone won’t take so much energy to improve your pictures and videos. It saves energy and, at the same time, optimizes your shots. Its lossless RAW feature won’t let you miss a thing in your next picture.

Other Fish in the Sea

Oppo’s Find X4 will be the next flagship model of the company. How does it compare to its closest competitors, though? For starters, the chipsets used in Apple and Samsung’s flagship models are 5nm, while Oppo’s new chip is 6nm. Like other chipsets, its 20-bit HDR system allows it to deal with RAW data instead of compressing it.

The 4K Night Video also gives Oppo an edge over competitors like Apple or Samsung. Although both the Apple iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 have 4K videos, Oppo remains the only one to provide such quality in dark environments. The 4K Night Videos allow better contrast, more vivid colors, and less noise. So, MariSilicon comes with considerable advantages over comparable flagship models.


MariSilicon X is designed specifically for Oppo’s next flagship model. This smartphone doesn’t have an official name yet, but the chips are Find X4. There are also speculations about this chip being used in other models of the company in the future. Anyway, the company no longer has to worry about international sanctions and political quarrels. It can manufacture state-of-the-art semiconductor chips at home.

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