Exam Overview

Citrix 1Y0-311 is a market leading virtualization exam aimed at testing an individual’sexpertisein the deployment of services in the Xen technologies. Citrix being among the leading infrastructure in cloud computing, networking and virtualization is a crucial technology to master. Candidates that take part in this exam are expected to understand HDX protocols (commonly called high definition) and VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) required for deployment of optimal services. After completion of this exam, one becomes a Citrix certified professional thus having a better chance at winning jobs in the field.

This exam is designed by professionals in the virtualization niche thus ensure that a learner possesses current skills required to deploy virtualization technology on various infrastructure. As a result of taking this exam, professionals get a chance to validate their skills in identification of workplace environment management and solutions technology. By attaining a good score in the exam, one gets the upper hand in the market and gets a more comfortable time landing positions of the likes of; desktop virtualization engineers, desktop engineer consultants, and Citrix engineers. However, to get a better score in the exam, having access to relevant materials in the market can be a decisive factor.

To reduce the hassle that you have to go through to get genuine information in the market, this guide is of great help. Put up by professionals in the virtualization field and candidates that have successfully tackled this exam; you are assured that the skills will work on you, therefore, an excellent result.

Audience targeted by the examination

This exam targets candidate who is looking to become certified in the deployment of Citrix services. Also, the exam tests skills that are vital in the real-life operation of virtualization infrastructure, therefore, is an excellent addition to IT professionals. By sitting for this exam, one gets to validate their skills in virtualization infrastructure and validate their understanding of VDA registration impact on a site and methods of deploying security and various application architecture.

Skills tested:

Among the skills tested in this examination include:

  • Workplace Environment management (WEM)
  • App layering
  • Intermediate FlexCast Management Architecture (FMA)
  • Virtual Desktop Agents (VDA)
  • Storefront optimization and routing
  • HDX and Multimedia
  • Support and troubleshooting of user connection issues
  • Integration of services with XenApp and XenDesktop
  • Advanced architecture
  • Supporting provisional services

Why is VMware 1Y0-311 certification so popular?

With cloud computing and virtualization technology being the new order in the market, companies and businesses are looking to maximize in the fields hence having the upper hand in business. As a result, Virtualization positions have been noted to increase. Since Citrix is among the most prominent platforms in cloud computing and virtualization, candidates that tackle the 1Y0-311 exam have a higher chance of winning jobs. This test how conversant candidates are with virtualization technology and gives them a more relaxed time deploying multiple services in the niche. With that said, let’s get into details on how to pass Citrix 1Y0-311.

Official reference books

Although there are numerous documents providing information on the certification, most of them contained outdated information. To ensure that you avoid these materials thus getting the latest information required in the coursework the books listed below are crucial. Professionals in the market craft these books and contain up-to-date information hence keeping you updated. However, it is wise to consult more documents as each includes a different perspective thus allowing you to look at various issues from all aspects hence making optimal decisions in the deployment of virtualization services. Among the best-selling and current books on Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 advanced include:

  • Citrix XenDesktop& XenApp 7.7/7.8-this is a book by GeoranEibelis filled with up-to-date en technology info that aims at familiarizing one with virtualization. This is the right book for people that have just joined the niche and are looking to gain full command of various infrastructure. The book is solution oriented hence aiding the candidate even in real-life experiences.
  • Inside Citrix: The FlexCast Management Architecture– this book by Bas Van Kaanaims at familiarizing the candidate with FMA from scratch thus building strong virtualization basics and concepts. The topics in this book are inclusive of but not limited to various 1Y0-311 issues including HDX and ICA protocols.

Practice tests

In conjunction with coursework books, practice questions are a worthy investment. These aid in getting how questions are structured and how to go about various subjects. Additionally, they test one’s knowledge and direct one on where to revisit thus scoring a better result. Among the recognized sites to get tests are ExamSnap Citrix 1Y0-311 VCE practice tests that offer 105 questions at $69 and Citrix education exams.

1Y0-311 exam pass tips

After interviewing professionals and candidates that successfully tackled the exam, the following were among the skills that they used to have an easier time going about the coursework.

  • One point that many individuals suggest for candidates is To test your understanding of various content, access to revision material is crucial. This gives you an idea of what you expect in the exam and helps you brush up on multiple fields thus attaining a better score.
  • Additionally, time management is of a must if you aim at scoring good results in the exam. Avoid trying to cover so much in an ashort duration of time as it may result in poor understanding of various concepts. Ensure that you allocate ample time to each topic, thus getting a better understanding of the content featured in the exam.
  • Ensure that you have access to a lab, virtual or real life to practice theoretical knowledge gained in class and prepare for your job.

1Y0-311 exam dumps

Although many befitexam dumps with unending praises, professionals’ piece of advice actively to avoid these until you understand the coursework well. This is because dumps are aimed to show the structure of questions and acquit one with skills on how to tackle various problems. By relying on the dumps alone, one risks missing crucial details in the coursework hence struggling with multiple tasks in the deployment of various services in the Xen infrastructure. Also, ensure that the dumps are up to date to avoid getting outdated information.


With numerous technology advancements, cloud computing and virtualization remain to be among the most fancied improvements. As a result of these, demand for individuals with these skills shown to be high in the market. To ensure that you rank among the engineers in Citrix Xen technologies, follow the details provided above.

All the best! Wishing you the best of luck in your exams and a peaceful time preparing for your examination.

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