Do you want to monitor iPhones like a pro without jailbreaking your targets? You can do so with the latest iPhone surveillance apps that let you monitor an iPhone remotely. However, these apps are not made the same.

Some, in fact, most iPhone monitoring apps still require jailbreaking the target iPhone. Fortunately, some use advanced surveillance technology to avoid the need to jailbreak the target. Such apps make you a pro in iPhone monitoring.

In this post, we show how you can become a pro in iPhone monitoring using a jailbreak-free app. Read on, to find what the app has in store and what you can accomplish with it.

Spyine – The king of iPhone monitoring apps

Among all the available spyware for iPhone, Spyine stands out. Spyine comes with over 30 iPhone monitoring tools that can monitor virtually any aspect. Apart from monitoring iPhones, Spyine can also monitor Android phones.

iPhone Monitoring

Major media outlets like Forbes and CNET have featured the capabilities of Spyine. Over a million users across the world trust and use Spyine to monitor children or employees. Visit the Spyine website to check out its services.

With Spyine, parents, employers, and partners get a reliable iPhone monitoring app for their needs. It can monitor everything from social media activities to whereabouts of an iPhone.

Remarkable iPhone monitoring features from Spyine

Below are some of the remarkable iPhone monitoring features you get with this app.

  1. Location monitoring

One of the most popular features of Spyine is the location monitoring feature. It lets you monitor the whereabouts of an iPhone by providing details such as GPS coordinates. Also, you get a street address and Google StreetView.

Location monitoring

What’s more, Spyine comes with a geofence feature that sends notifications when the iPhone crosses a set boundary. The geofence feature is popular with parents and employers who wish to monitor children or employee movements.

  1. Call log and contact monitoring

With Spyine, you get to monitor calls and contacts on an iPhone like a pro. The app lets you access the call log on the target iPhone. This way, you will know who the target iPhone user has been in contact with.

The app shows you details such as phone number, when the call was made, and call duration. Also, it will indicate the frequently contacted phone number. What’s more, you will know missed, dialed, and received calls.

Also, you will have access to all contacts saved on the target iPhone.

  1. Social media monitoring

Spyine provides a neat way of monitoring popular social media apps such as WhatsApp and LINE. It gives you access to chats and posts on these apps. The app even backs up all posts and chats to ensure you don’t miss out.

Social media monitoring

So, you will even have access to deleted Snaps and chats on these platforms. Also, the app can monitor iMessages on the target iPhone. It monitors all incoming and outgoing messages.

  1. Monitor browser history

With this feature, Spyine allows you to monitor all the browser activities on the target iPhone. The app lets you know what the user has been searching online and the sites visited on an iPhone.

Spyine allows you to monitor all the browser history.

How to use Spyine to monitor an iPhone like a pro

Here are the simple and straightforward steps involved when using Spyine to monitor an iPhone:

Step 1: Visit the official Spyine website to register for the service. During signup, Spyine will let you choose your login credentials. Also, consider choosing a plan that you feel suits your needs.

Visit the official Spyine website

Step 2: Now, configure the target iPhone. No installation of the app is necessary on the target iPhone. Rather, Spyine uses the iCloud backup to monitor the target to do that select the iOS logo.

iCloud credentials

To configure the target, you need to provide the iCloud credentials used on the iPhone. Fill in the credentials and click the Verify button.

                             Fill in the credentials

Step 3: Spyine will take a few minutes to sync the target iPhone with your Spyine dashboard. After it is done, click the Start button to terminate the configuration process.

click the Start button to terminate the configuration process.

Step 4: Next, log in to your Spyine dashboard to start monitoring your iPhone. In your dashboard, Spyine will let you access all its features. Choose the area you want to monitor on the scroll tab to the left.

Here, Spyine gives you access to everything from location monitoring to social media surveillance.

Unique Spyine capabilities

Besides its amazing features, Spyine has some unique capabilities that make iPhone monitoring easy. Here are some of them:

  1. 100% discreet

Spyine operates in stealth mode. All the activities take place in the background to avoid detection by the iPhone user. Also, it uses very little iPhone resources like storage to avoid interfering with iPhone performance.

The app doesn’t require installation making it even harder for the target notice. Rather the app uses iCloud to monitor an iPhone.

  1. No jailbreaking necessary

To use Spyine, no need to jailbreak the target iPhone. To avoid this, Spyine uses the latest phone monitoring technology. It is among a handful of phone monitoring apps that don’t require jailbreaking an iPhone.

The process of jailbreaking an iPhone requires technical knowledge. What’s more, the process void the warranty on the target iPhone. The app won’t compromise your target iPhone nor will it require technical know-how to use.

  1. Safe

Spyine ensures data privacy for the target iPhone user by not gathering data from third-party apps. Also, it password-protects the content on your Spyine dashboard.


The best way you can monitor an iPhone like a pro is through a phone monitoring app. Phone monitoring apps provide a convenient way of monitoring an iPhone. Check out Spyine, it is a trusted monitoring app.

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