New to Dolphin Emulator and have no idea how to download it? Well, your search ends here. We have brought to you a comprehensive guide to download Dolphin Emulator on your iOS-based devices. It is an open-source stimulator that lets you play various games without any hassle.

Downloading this emulator on your iPhone or iPad isn’t challenging. You can either use jailbreak method or can get it without jailbreaking your device. So, without further ado, let’s get into the detailed guide explaining the step-by-step process to download Dolphin Emulator for iOS.

What is Dolphin Emulator?

Dolphin is a fair and open GameCube and Wii video game console simulator for Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux. It was made available as freeware for Windows in 2003. It was the first GameCube emulator to run commercial games.

Dolphin has garnered positive press in the IT and video gaming industries because of its high compatibility, constant development, extensive feature set, and ability to play games with graphical enhancements over the original consoles.

Dolphin became free and open-source software after a rough start, with Wii emulation support added afterward.  Soon after, the emulator got ported to Linux and macOS. As mobile hardware improved, running Dolphin on Android became a viable alternative.


Before proceeding further, let’s first discuss about the unique features of Dolphin Emulator here.

  • Dolphin has the ability to start games regardless of locale, the record tool-assisted speedruns.
  • It uses cheat codes with Action Replay and Gecko.
  • The original GameCube and Wii Remote controllers can be mapped to PC controllers so you can easily use them with the emulator through a USB adaptor.
  • Dolphin enables linking GameCube and Game Boy Advance titles when used with an integrated Game Boy Advance emulator.
  • Dolphin supports two types of network play: emulated local multiplayer and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The first gets exclusively required for Dolphin users. It applies to games that do not offer an online option by default. The second type is for online play with other Dolphin users and genuine Wii users for WFC-supported Wii games.
  • Virtual GameCube Memory Cards, simulated Wii flash memory, and save states can get used to saving game progress.
  • The Memory Card Manager in Dolphin allows you to move to save files to and from virtual GameCube memory cards.

What CPU should be used with Dolphin Emulator?

Dolphin is a dual-core application that runs at a high rate because of IPC and clock speed. Additional cores will not speed up Dolphin, albeit an “extra” core that does not get used by Dolphin may aid marginally by preventing background tasks from using the same cores as Dolphin.

As a result, a CPU with a high IPC, a high clock rate, and four cores or more is ideal for Dolphin. Dolphin features four components: two for the main emulation threads, a third for additional activities, and a fourth for the operating system and background tasks to run without using emulator resources.

Some of the CPUs that work best with Dolphin Emulator are mentioned below.

  • Intel

Newer is nearly always better when it comes to Intel processors. U and Y series CPUs should get avoided since their slower clock speeds can’t keep up with Dolphin’s demands.

Within a single generation of processors, the difference between an i5 and an i7 CPU (hyperthreading/extra core counts) does not affect Dolphin. More performance per clock will be available in later generations, and K series processors will support overclocking.

  • AMD

Until the Ryzen series, Dolphin’s workload didn’t sync with the abilities of AMD CPUs. As a result, among AMD’s processors, we can only recommend Ryzen or newer for Dolphin. It’s vital to keep that Dolphin is a console emulator with features and improvements. But, in the end, it follows the instructions given by the game.

Some games just use easy-to-emulate features, so they’ll run at full speed on almost any computer that supports Dolphin. Others, on the other hand, struggle to run at full speed all of the time, even on the most powerful processors.

Steps to Download Dolphin Emulator For iOS

There are two methods to download Dolphin Emulator for iOS – Jailbreak Method and Non-Jailbreak. Pick any of them that suits your requirements and enjoy the game like a pro.

  • Jailbreak Method
  • First of all, Tap the ‘Sources’ tab in Cydia or Sileo.
  • Then, click ‘Edit,’ then ‘Add,’ and paste into the text box.
  • After adding the source, open it and look for the ‘DolphiniOS’ package. To install it on your smartphone, open it and press ‘Modify’ then ‘Install.’
  • Open the DolphiniOS app once it has to get installed.
  • No Jailbreak Method

Follow this procedure to get AltStore set up if you don’t already have it.

  • Download the most recent DolphiniOS IPA file on the device or a computer, then copied to the device via Safari.
  • To add a new item to AltStore, hit the Plus icon.
  • Wait for the Dolphin IPA file to download and install.
  • Open the DolphiniOS app once it has been installed.


Dolphin is a PC emulator that allows you to play Nintendo Wii and GameCube games. It has been around for a long time. There is an iOS version of this, so you can play your favorite Wii and GameCube games wherever you want on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.