If you use social media networks, you might have heard about Omegle and other such platforms where you can video chat with strangers. The wide variety of online communication platforms that currently exist has allowed users to have video appointments that can be easily made from mobile or any other smart device. The number of such platforms has increased rapidly in recent years. One such random video chat platform is OmeTV.

This article will tell you some essential things you need to know about OmeTV. This popular video chat application is considered to be among the best alternatives to Omegle. More than one million users use OmeTV on mobile phones, while over 100,000 people use it on the web version.

This is a new trend for the future of social communications, where an interesting chat room is used to share with other people without the need to register and for whose access you only have to install it and enjoy it for free. Discover everything it has to offer you.


How OmeTV App works

If you have used Flingster or Omegle, you find many similarities with OmeTV. As soon as you start the application and enter its video chat room, you will be greeted by a smiling girl who invites you to use it through Facebook; but without using emails, a username or a password; since it is only an account on the social network that may be convenient on the one hand and perhaps not so much on the other.

The site has a simple and easy to use interface. Its interface is similar to a game roulette, which asks you to permit to access your camera and microphone to find a random stranger to chat with, chosen at random, through the program’s automatic system.

It has strict minimalism that you will see as soon as you get to know its interface, as well as its settings. Although it has search filters that you can use to select the gender of the person you will talk to and their country of origin.

But it is possible that you will find surprises since you cannot choose an age for the selection of the person. The purpose of this application is to communicate with random strangers and have fun without registration. You do not have to enter your personal details. Thus, it can be the best alternative to Omegle.

Why You Should Use the OmeTV App for Random Chat

When you are feeling lonely, and you wish to talk to someone randomly, OmeTV can be the best place to go. Since Omegle fails to perform all the time gladly, you may want to use an alternative to Omegle. OmeTV can be the best in this segment. It has an application for iOS and Android both. Here are some pros and cons of OmeTV.


  • It does not require registration to video chat with strangers.
  • You will not be approached by annoying ads.
  • You will not be required to pay or subscribe.
  • You can moderate the content.
  • It has many active users.


  • Moderation can limit the topic followed by users.
  • A large number of users may skip you.

How to Avoid Bans on OmeTV

This random or casual video chat takes place through a pleasant chat through your webcam, during which you can send some emoticons to the person with whom you are chatting to liven up the meeting. Please note that the moderation of OmeTV video chat sessions is strict, so you should proceed with caution to avoid being punished for a little mischief.

In some reviews of this app on the App Store, this video chat has been associated with many negative factors, such as unjustified account bans. Thus, if you don’t want to get banned, you should not show content that breaches its OmeTV policies.

From Where to Download the Ometv App

OmeTV Video Chat is a perfect service for anyone, it has earned a high rating, so we recommend downloading it for both iOS and Android operating systems; but always within its official stores such as the App Store and Google Play. Install it on your device and immediately start meeting people from all over the world.

If you want to use it on your Windows PC, you can use its web version. The mobile app and web version are quite similar, but the quality of the webcam may not be as good as on mobile phones.


OmeTV is a classic dating application in which partners are chosen randomly through a roulette wheel; This is not something new since video chats have been popular for a few years, and this one works very well.

Consider that it is an interesting alternative to spend a pleasant evening in the company of another person online, whom you will meet through this means, but it can be really fun; It is a new experience that is worth trying.

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