Do you want to look up any phone number and find the caller’s name along with other details? If you are looking for a way to do this, then you are at the perfect spot. You can try CocoFinder after reading this guide about it and you will find it the best.

Phone number lookups are frequently needed by individuals to discover the identity of missed callers. A decent phone number lookup app can give you far beyond the name of the individual who possesses the telephone number, like his personal details or home/office address.

Best of all, the vast majority of these apps are in reality free. You can look for anybody even without the need to register first. This article will direct you through the interaction of the best free telephone number lookup apps that you can use to discover the character of any obscure number.

Part 1: CocoFinder – The Ultimate Best Phone Number Lookup

CocoFinder is unarguably the best phone number lookup app so definitely check it out. It accompanies a delightfully planned interface that you can use from any gadget be it cell phone, PC, or a tablet. The interface is similarly simple to use as well. You simply need to enter the cell phone number of the individual and CocoFinder will give you their subtleties, as easy as that.

To furnish you with more prominent comfort, CocoFinder additionally gives other inquiry options like looking by name, looking by address, and in any event, looking through physically through a people’s registry. This is what makes CocoFinder stand out amongst other phone number lookups.

CocoFinder gives insights concerning an individual simply by entering his telephone number or name. At the point when the telephone number or name gets entered by the client, the application begins giving potential individuals. You can decide on the individual of your advantage and discover his subtleties like total name, family members, age, instructive foundations, and online media handles.

Using CocoFinder, you can find out a lot about another individual including:

Individual’s Identity

The basic role of a telephone lookup is to discover the name of the individual who possesses a specific telephone number and CocoFinder does it best.


It is conceivable to see the location of the individual or, at all, their area through a reverse telephone lookup. CocoFinder gives you this facility too.

Email Address

Email address that is appended to a telephone number present on record can likewise be seen. Through an email address, you can additionally discover data like the individual’s social profiles etc.

Personal investigation

On the off chance that the telephone number is connected to an individual’s information on openly available reports, you can utilize CocoFinder to run a top to bottom record verification on the individual. So, using CocoFinder provides you with a lot of advantages.

Advantages of using CocoFinder

The application also gives insights concerning an individual’s experience, which incorporates his schooling, his records in courts, his monetary state, and conjugal issues.

On the off chance that you give the application any telephone number, it will begin showing the proprietor’s very own subtleties like his name, age, family members, telephone numbers, and online media handles.

The name lookup query gives moment insights regarding any individual by his name. The subtleties incorporate his full character, criminal history, charging subtleties, and monetary contribution.

By using CocoFinder, along with phone lookup, you also get other searches like address lookup to find details about any particular address, email lookup to know the details associated with a certain email and much more.

Part 2: TruthFinder

TruthFinder is also one of the best phone lookup apps on the web. It is very famous and can give you such a lot of data on an individual that you would be astounded.

It has a web crawler sort of interface which you can get to straightforwardly through the site landing page. To look for a telephone number through TruthFinder, you can enter the telephone number and snap on the ‘Search’ button.

TruthFinder will at that point begin scanning its data sets for the telephone number proprietor. When the pursuit is finished, you can tap on the individual’s profile to see extra insights regarding them.

In case the individual appears to be dubious to you, you can even request that TruthFinder do a historical verification on the individual. From the individual verification report, you can become familiar with the past criminal record of the individual and see whether there is anything to stress over.

Part 3: Intelius

Intelius is also one of the best apps to do a phone number search. Much the same as the other applications above it, clients likewise have the choice to do a historical verification on the owner of the telephone number they are looking for.

Although its results are limited and constrained as compared to applications on the top, it is a good reverse phone number lookup app.

Part 4: Instant Checkmate

Coming towards the fourth place of our list, Instant Checkmate is another incredible alternative to do a phone number search on an individual without their insight. It uses data accessible on openly available reports to look for all the data identified with a telephone number.

Part 5: Zabasearch

Zabasearch has been in the market for a long while lately. It gives dependable telephone queries as it is a decent app for this purpose.

In case you simply need the name of the individual who claims a telephone number, Zabasearch can be a decent decision. Nonetheless, you believe you need more data, you should evaluate the other applications referenced previously.

Part 6: Spydialer

Spydialer is a totally free telephone lookup platform with a name. You can simply enter your telephone number and discover who claims the number. The interface is very moderate, and you will not experience any promotions while utilizing it free of charge.

Part 7: Zlookup

On the last place, we have Zlookup, it is also a quite decent reverse phone number lookup with a name. Although not as best as the top picks of our list, it does its job well.


So, these were the 7 best phone number lookup apps with a name. We recommend that you use CocoFinder as it is the ultimate best.