Uplay is an offering from Massive Entertainment which offers many services including full access to their games, rewards and achievements to players and it allows the games to use online data for statistics and activities that can be shared with other players.

This has been introduced to provide a similar experience of offering trophies and achievements provided by other companies. So under this rewards systems game players rewarded with Uplay points. These Uplay points are redeemable to get the content in the game which has to be got as in purchases such as wallpaper, themes for devices, soundtracks and more. So Uplay client allows the player to access all the things which are related to Uplay points.


Uplay Plus: What is Uplay UbiSoft Subscription service?

You have to know that Uplay and Uplay UbiSoft Subscription service both are different things. The later is a paid service of Uplay. As we said Uplay is a service where players can earn Uplay Point to get the extra content in the game. Uplay UbiSoft Subscription service is a platform where users get access to more than 100 games on their different devices, users will able to download and play games downloaded from UbiSoft store. The Service is yet to launch this year but the free trial period of Uplay Ubisoft Subscription will be available from September 3rd to September 30th, 2019. In this period of time, you can check and play games by Ubisoft and you can decide whether you want to use the service or not. Here are some key features of Uplay UbiSoft Subscription:

  • One unified ecosystem – It all in one system where you can download, install and play all the UbiSoft PC games in one location. With this service, you will get first hands-on betas, trials, free weekend experiences, and stay up to date with the latest news.
  • All your friends in one place – You can connect with your friends who are using this service and see what they are up to? You can make a group of them and chat with them. You can also make some new friends.
  • Find your next game on the Ubisoft Store – Uplay Ubisoft Subscription will be a one-stop store for all Ubisoft games. Subscriber will get discount of 20% on next purchase and new promotions every Wednesday, weekends, or every day. It will automatically add the PC games and additions packs from Ubisoft Store which you have bought.

So Uplay and Uplay Ubisoft Subscription both are offerings from the same company but their services are different.

Features of Uplay

Here are some key features of Uplay.

  • Uplay lets you connect with the other players
  • You can earn rewards according to your achievements known as “Actions” in Uplay supported games. The more you play games, the more chances you have to get free goods.
  • The “Units” earned in specific games are not bound for that game only, they can be used for any Uplay-enabled game.
  • Each achievement or rather says “Action” gives the player 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 Units.

How to Download and Install Games on Uplay

The process of downloading games in Uplay is simple and within the Uplay you can install, uninstall, and verify the game. First thing you need to have Uplay Client installed on your PC. You can download it from the link given: https://club.ubi.com/

Step 1 – Open Uplay and click on “Games”.

Step 2 – Select the game you want to download and install and click on the “Download” option

Step 3 – Select the preferred language and then click on the “continue”.

Step 4 –In the next window, you can choose the path location for the installation of the game and click on continue. The shortcut will automatically be created.

Step 5 – Next you have to click on “Accept & Continue” to agree to the License Agreement and it is compulsory.

Step 6 – Lastly, the download and installation process will be started. Once it is done you can play the game on your PC.

Note: If the game you wish to download was released before November 15th, 2013, then your game will start to download install once you click on the “Download” option.

How to uninstall games in Uplay

The installation process of games from Uplay is even simple. You just have to head to the “Games” option in Uplay. You will see the names of games you have installed click on the game you want to uninstall. Here, you will see an option called “Properties” and then click on “Uninstall’.

Your game will be installed easily.

Final words:

So, this is how you can use Uplay services to expand your gaming experiences. Uplay supports all the games from Ubisoft but some other games are also eligible for Uplay points. And as Uplay Plus is coming later this year, you will have an amazing experience of gaming with it.

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