You’ve finished a long day at work. You finally get through the front door of your house, exhausted, and plant yourself on the sofa. All you want to do is forget anything currently stressing you out, fire up your PlayStation, and get your game on for a few hours.

In this type of situation, the last thing you want to think about is cleaning your gaming equipment.

Yes, your consoles might have gathered a little dust, and your controllers are far from pristine condition. Yet does that warrant them being wiped down and cleaned on a regular basis? While you may currently have this viewpoint, the following statistics – provided by the good folks at Online Casino Betway after extensive research –will show why cleaning should be a priority.


1. A Nintendo Switch is dirtier than a toilet seat

This may come as a surprise, but judging it based on colony-forming bacteria units per swab, the Nintendo Switch finishes in second place to a toilet seat. Yes, really. While a toilet seat was analyzed as having 30 colony-forming bacteria units, the median score for the Switch – which includes the whole console – was 55. So, not only is the average Switch dirtier than the average toilet seat, but it’s nearly twice as bad overall.

2. A computer mouse has 248 units of bacteria

If you thought the aforementioned stat about the Nintendo Switch was bad, just take a look at how bacteria-ridden a computer mouse can be. Even though it stays in someone’s hand at all times during a gaming session, a PC mouse suffers from 248 units of bacteria on average. That means it is eight times as bad a toilet seat. If that doesn’t get you to clean your mouse each day, nothing will.

3. The PlayStation controller is home to the most bacteria out of the ‘big three’

When it comes to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation, it is the latter’s controllerthat is the most plagued by bacteria. According to research, the buttons and joysticks of Sony’s controller are particularly bad in comparison to the other two’s offerings. While the buttons/joysticks of the Xbox and Switch controllers have identical bacteria units of 63, the PlayStation controller had three times as much with 190 bacteria units.

4. Controllers can be a lot dirtier than a kitchen table

The previous three statistics have looked at the average scores for consoles and devices. However, it becomes a lot scarier when you consider the more extreme examples used during testing. For instance, one Xbox controller was tested, and there were 5,614 bacteria units on just the buttons. A kitchen table is only 275 in comparison.

5. Even a PC power button is plagued by bacteria

You could be forgiven for believing that certain areas of a PC are safe from bacteria. However, this definitely isn’t the situation with the power button. The button alone was recognized as having 115 colonies of bacteria.

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