Why anyone would go for paid subscription these online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Apple TV, HBO, or Disney Plus when you get everything for free on the internet by accessing some free sites. Premium fees of these services are obviously one of the reasons to go find their free alternatives but the main thing is that these all services have their own original content so you won’t get one’s movies or TV shows on the other sites. But sites like Xpau.se are the best to watch movies and TV shows on the internet. Plus, you don’t have to pay a single penny and if you want to download movies then you can easily download from xpau se.

So we can say that Xpau se is the best alternative to Netflix and other similar premium online services. But all online streaming sites are always under the threat of getting banned that’s why they keep changing their domain name. And, that is the problem with Xpau se as well. The site is always under the radar of officials and Google so it has to change its domain name very often. So here we are going tell you some of the best alternatives or similar sites like Xpau se but before that let’s find how to access Xpau se right now.

Xpau.se proxies and mirror links

Xpau.se has many names and proxies available on the internet, such as cyro.se, dayst.se, atoz.se, and some others. But right now Xpau.se is available on a new domain name Topnow.se. So if you want to watch free movies and stream TV shows I HD for free then Topnow.se is the new mirrorlink of Xpau.se. If you find this site unavailable then you can see the new domain name mentioned on the webpage.

Best similar websites like Xpau.se 2019

But it is annoying to look for a new domain of Xpau.se every week when you want to watch movies or shows online. Plus, many users have a problem with Xpau.se showing multiple ads and commercials while playing the video. So here we are telling you some of the best free sites on the internet to watch free HD movies and TV shows.

Important Note: But before we head to the list of best alternatives to Xpau.se, we need to tell you important thing and that is download Adblock on your browser if you are looking to stream and use these sites on the PC. Adblock is an extension available for all the browsers and it is the tool to avoid ads on any websites. So with AdBlock installed on your browser, you will be able to watch any movies or TV shows without ads.

AZ Movies

You can get to it by going to azm.to.  On this free alternative of Xpau.se,  you can filter by “all movies,” “genre,” “year” that the movie was released, and their featured movies which are going to be the latest movies that they’ve got on the website. You can click on any movie and it should show it in high-definition. You can choose from two different servers here and then we can scroll down we can see more about the movie. We can see how long it is (duration), IMDB rating and if the movies in HD or not. We can then play the movie and obviously the movie is going to play. Give it 10 seconds and the movie or play in full HD. So that is the best site to watch movies and TV shows in HD for free as the top site like Xpau.se.


You can get to it by going to myflixer.com. It has a really nice user interface and they have great movies here. You can filter by movies or TV shows, you can filter genre, country, movies, TV shows or you can search for your own. You just have to click on the movie and you will see the trailer option, a description, about the movie, the duration/information. You can also see movies that are related to it and again you can click the play button and the movies going to load and it will be played without showing any ads. You can movies and TV series in full HD with subtitles and this becomes one of the best alternatives to Xpau.se or Cyro.se.


You can check it out by going to batflix.org. The same kind of features and categories you shall see on this site we talked about previous ones. It has got home, movies, TV shows, trending, and a quick filter. You can also search for your own movies. It also “featured” category which shows the latest movies and the latest TV shows. You just have to click on a movie and you can see whether it’s a new movie and whether it’s in HD with the duration of the movie or the episode. Just like Xpau.se, you have to click on the play button and movies will play in HD quality. But the most important thing here is that you won’t get ads like Xpau.se. So, just open this site which is best and similar to Xpau.se.


You can check it out by going to flicksgo.top. They have a really nice user interface. You can filter by movies, TV series, or the top movies on IMDB. You can choose any of these movies and you can scroll left or right. You can also filter by new movies you can search through its search bar option. Click on any movie and then click the play button and it’s going to load after it is done buffering. We can view all the videos in HD and we can add subtitles if we want. The quality is obviously in HD and multiple servers are there to offer you hassle-free streaming.

HD Movies

You can get to it by going to hdm.to. Just like all the sites like Xpau.se we have mentioned above, you can filter by newly added, all movies, top IMDB, genre, years or you can search. You can go and check out HD movies if you want but it’s probably our least favorite out of these five alternatives of Xpau.se because there are a lot of movies that actually don’t work. So we recommend you try the ones we have mentioned above.

Signing out…

So these are some of the top and the best sites like Xapu.se. You are looking for Cyro.se alternatives or just free websites to stream movies and shows without ads then these are best sites to rely on. If you have your other favorite sites that we have mentioned here then you can tell us in the commend box.

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