The knowledge of a subject and passing a subject are two different things. It is not necessary that a person having in-depth knowledge about a particular subject can pass it. Unfortunately, there are thousands of people who study day and night but are unable to pass their exams. Passing the test is not about the information or knowledge about the subject, it is about a systematic plan and techniques that should be applied when taking the exam. The 200-125 CCNA certification is one of the globally accepted certification that is not easy to pass if it is not cleverly handled. This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to pass the CCNA certification exams, but Cisco tests require systematic preparation training. Some of the tips for passing CCNA examinations are as follows:

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It is mandatory for any exam to pass that it is prepared from well-written study materials. Although students are provided with different types of publications, care must be taken before the selection of study materials CCNA 200-125 examination. The best study materials for the CCNA exam are Cisco’s own publications i.e. CCENT/CCNA ICND1, SwitchingICND2, and CCNA Routing.Some other suggested books for CCNA exams are

 CCNA exam preparation book

2.One of the result oriented methods of passing the exam is practice. Practice makes a man perfect. It is the practice which provides you the platform to pass CCNA exam. Practice materials are available on different sites. The practice exams is very helpful in developing your understanding regarding various topics in Cisco CCNA 200-125 Exam. It will also help in understanding the structure and nature of the question and pattern of the test. The question databases are also one of the helpful tools to pass the exam in the first attempt. Whenever practice materials are done, it is necessary to point out the weakness and evaluate the understanding of a particular topic.

The answers must not be seen before attempting a question. When your understanding is not in right direction, you should again study the topic. Individuals must not memorize it, they should try to understand its logic and concept. It should be borne in mind that the first attempt is never the best attempt. The student must not be discouraged if he gets low marks. He or she must practice more and more and, in the long run, he will get the desired result soon.


One of the helping tools to take the exam is to join the Cisco community. Its members share knowledge, experiences, and stories of success fulorfailed passing of the CCNA certification exams in order to help newcomers. The Cisco Learning Network and CCNA Reddit page are two places where there are millions of experts help each other in a professional activities. They share the experiences they have gone through, useful study materials, exam strategies and tips which help in passing the exam in the very first attempt.


Before appearing in the final exam, a student must attempt 2 to 3 mock exams. A mock exam is designed in such a way that it will help you in attempting final exam in an efficient way.The mock test is designed a little tougher in order to mentally prepare students for the final attempt.It is designed by various professors and can be solved online. Taking the mock exam will help in time management which is one of the important things while attempting the test. Most students get failed because of a lack of time management. If one is succeeded in managing time, his/her chances of exam passing is much higher.


To learn something logically, it must be done practically. A lab is a place where students can enhance their understanding of a subject and grasp all things conceptually. A lesson learned in lab is the lesson learned in real. Lab practice can be proved very helpful in passing the CCNA examination in the first attempt.


Whenever you learn the study materials, or discuss with teachers, or read online about the frequent test topics, you must note these down and must prepare them in a systematic way. Before going to the test,the student should revise these topics and make sure that they are clearly clear. Some of the frequently tested topics are OSI MODEL, TCP MODEL, PROTOCOL MECHANISM, and FLOW OF DATA.


After you have gone through the study materials, practice materials, group discussion, and mock exam, you should just read a book for the last time like a pleasure reading. You should focus on important topics and issues; you can also underline the key ideas of each chapter. The last reading must be done with a relaxed mind, otherwise it will not help.


Before entering the examination room, you should have a well-equipped exam kit. The Pearson VUE website will help you that what you need to have on the day of the exam. The guidelines must be read before the exam.


Tosuccessfullypassyour exam, you should reach the exam room before 10-15 minutes of its start. You don’t have to study at the last 30 minutes. Take a long breath before trying to pass the exam.


The duration of exam is about 90 minutes. In order to pass the test, you must learn how to manage time. You should not waste time on unnecessary areas. If you are not clear about a particular question, skip it.


The CCNA 200-125 is one of the reputed certifications in the world. It is a very powerful tool in developing a career in networking site. It can boost up your CV and help you get worldwide recognition. No doubt, the CCNA certification is technical, but it can be passed, if a person studies in a proper and systematic way.

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