At custom papers, we believe your health is your most important form of wealth. Therefore, we support every effort that enhances this priceless gift that enables us to enjoy every other providence in life. One such way of improving health is mobile technology, and particularly, through the use of mobile apps.

But how much are mobile apps revolutionizing health and the health sector? For a start, the market already has more than 165,000 mobile healthcare apps on the market. Moreover, the market is expected to expand to some $59.1 billion by 2021.  It is no wonder tech giants are bracing themselves to have their share in this sensitive sector. For example, Google and Apple are planning to venture into this sector with the promise of “reinventing” it. But besides the big players, how is mobile app technology benefiting that health practitioner and their clients? How does it helping you, the common beneficiary of this industry? Remain with this post to get these answers to these questions.


Instant Medical Advice

Counsel lies at the heart of all success, including succeeding in your personal health. That is why access to timely and accurate counsel is critical to your life as a common beneficiary of the health sector. With the rise of the mobile app revolution, it is easy to get sound medical advice anywhere and anytime you need it. We have doctor-approved apps that can guide pregnant mothers from preconception all through the various stages of pregnancy up to after birth. Formerly, you needed to go to a doctor’s clinic to get the slightest bit of counsel. The only alternative to this was accessing heavy and heavily overpriced medical books that were accessible to a chosen few. Moreover, most of that information is on the Internet because doctors have also gone online. This means that you only need to see a doctor when you require medical examination that apps cannot diagnose.

Reduced Waiting Times

Have you ever imagined being sick with someone keeping you waiting in a long queue? With modern apps, you can bid farewell to all these hassles. The reason is that we have apps that share wait times with their patients. Also, we have check-in apps patients can use even before arriving at hospitals. They also allow patients to check in and wait at home unless they are facing medical emergencies. This way, you can know the best time to arrive at the hospital and time your arrival to avoid waiting too long.

Easy Medication Administration

When the doctor prescribes you take three tablets daily at a given hour, they are now giving you an opinion inviting your comments or likes. Medical prescriptions are not social media comments you can “like” or “unlike” and give your opinion, no. You must follow them as they are and take the drugs when the doctor says you should. However, we live in an age where too much is competing for our attention and already overburdened working memories. Consequently, we have short memories that forget many things, including taking life-saving drugs.

However, mobile apps are revolutionizing all the above. Patients can use them to set reminders to alert that when it is time to take their medications. Also, they can remind them when they need to see a doctor for medical reviewing. This way, managing various health conditions that require constant medication is easier and more effective. Otherwise, it could be counterproductive because skipping to take medicines or attend clinical checkups could have regrettable medical implications.

Easy Data Collection

Just like all other professions, data and information collection is critical to the success of the health sector. For instance, some manageable medical conditions need constant information transmission to allow doctors manage them better. A condition like diabetes requires constant updates for timely decision-making and timely intervention. With mobile apps, patients don’t need to keep seeing the doctor physically since the app can be installed on wearable devices that are connected to smartphones. This way, doctors can gather all the vital information they need to make decisions. These wearable apps can relay information regarding blood pressure levels and sugar levels among diabetics.

Find Doctors Easily

The success of healthcare depends on the connection of two critical players—the doctor and patient. Formerly, we needed to go through big and rare yellow pages looking for the contacts of doctors in a given region. But with modern mobile applications, you only need to tap your smartphone and you get a connection to the medical professional you need.

Enhanced and Easy Medication

Who ever thought that one day you could get relevant and timely information on various medications and treatments without visiting a clinic? With mobile apps, it is now possible to simply enter prescriptions and get information on all recommended dosages, side effects, and behavior modifications of any given prescription.

Reduced Medicare Fraud

Fraud is everywhere, including Medicare. In the US alone, the cost of Medicare fraud stands at $60 billion annually. But the emergence of mobile apps will reduce it because apps can track people and transactions in real-time and anywhere. This will ensure that the public gets the best out of their hard-earned cash to avoid public funds from ending in the pockets of a few fraudsters.

Timely Medical Supplies

Lastly, these apps are great tools for helping medical facilities to get timely supplies. For instance, hospitals can use them to track supplies levels and receive notifications when they need to replenish. This ensures that medical facilities have enough supplies when they need them to avoid disruption of services to patients. Also, these mobile apps can manage vendors, analyze costs, and auto-reorder medical supplies.

These are just some of the wonders that mobile applications can do to advance and benefit the health sector. We believe that the ones we have shared have opened your eyes to know how you can benefit from these technologies and optimize them to better your lifestyle.

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