Shaw Industries has its own online employee portal ShawAndMe which assists employees to carry out the necessary job world and there are many advantages of it. Here, we are going to show you how to use the ShawAndMe login portal.


About ShawAndMe and Shaw Industries

ShawAndMe a portal where employees of Shaw Industries can have some easy access to the information regarding their job and workplace. Shaw Ind. has more than 21,000 working employees across the different parts of the world as it is one of the largest manufacturers of carpet in the USA and the world.

So, in order to enrich the employee experience, they have developed this online employee portal. We have described its benefits in the following segment.

Benefits of ShawAndMe

It is obvious that such an online platform has many benefits. Here, we have mentioned them:

  • At Shawandme, employees can manage and share work reports regularly
  • ShawAndMe allows employees to communicate with other colleagues.
  • The new news and information about the work are updated on this online portal.
  • It allows employees of one branch to communicate with other branch employees.
  • At ShawAndMe, employees can access their medical benefits or update their insurance policy.
  • Employees can also apply for leave with ShawAndMe.

ShawAndMe Signup Process | Create an Account at ShawandMe

If you are a new user then before heading towards the ShawAndMe login process, you need to know about the sign-up process.

  1. Open the ShawAndMe registration website on your phone or PC.
  2. Click on the Signup or Register option and fill all the details that are asked such as employee ID, security number, name, email, and others.
  3. Set the security questions and set the new password for your account.
  4. When you are done with this, click on the final Sign Up and your account on ShawAndMe would be created.

Now you can access all the features and the functions offered at the ShawAndMe portal. Before signing up, make sure you have all the details you need to sign up process.

ShawAndMe Login: Process to Login into ShawAndMe Online Portal

Here is how to login to the ShawAndMe login portal. But before that, you have to know that you would need a device with the internet connection and the username/employee ID and the password in order to use this portal.

  • Just open the browser and open the ShawAndMe login portal website.
  • Now click on the login option shown on the screen.
  • In the next window enter the Username and the password in the blank fields. Your Employee ID can be your username.
  • Once all done, hit the log in option and it will log you into the ShawAndMe employee portal.
  • Now you can access your ShawAndMe employee account and can manage all the necessary job-related works and the employee benefit programs.

Forgot Password of Your ShawandMe Account? Learn How to Reset the Password

Every online portal has an option to recover a password and even the username. It is typical that most of the time we may forget our username or the password. As an employee, one has a lot of work to do and ShawAndMe password can be misplaced. In such cases, an employee needs to visit the technical team of the HR and they would help you to generate the new password.

There is no other way to do that. ShawAndMe login portal may come up with a feature to reset the password online but the last time we checked, there wasn’t such an option available.


So, now you know everything you need to know about ShawAndMe. ShawAndMe login process is just easy as logging in to your other social media profile. If you face any other technical error then report it to the Shaw technical team. Enjoy all the employee benefits of the ShawAndMe Employee login portal.