Are you trying to send USDT (Tether) and facing trouble? Wondering how to resolve the problem? Well, in that case, you have clicked the rightmost link. Most users recently complained that they face problems when sending this cryptocurrency to other accounts, which frustrates them and hinders their day-to-day activities.

But thankfully, the problem is temporary, and you can efficiently deal with it by using the instructions mentioned below. So, without wasting a further second, scroll down the page and find complete information about why sending USDT is not currently working and what you can do to resolve the trouble. Are you ready? Let’s get started!!


What is USDT?

Before we move further to the problem or find the solution that might cause the hassle, it’s vital to outline precisely the USDT to get a perfect idea.

USDT, the currency name of Tether, is an asset-oriented cryptocurrency stablecoin launched by

Tether Limited in 2014. It is called the stablecoin and has stated that it maintains $1 of asset reserves for each USD₮ issued.

It came into existence as a RealCoin and was renamed Tether later on. It was initially based on the Bitcoin blockchain and used to support Bitcoin’s Omni and Liquid Protocols. Tether is referred to as the third-largest cryptocurrency and the largest stablecoin on the market. You’ll be surprised that Tether’s USDT accounted for most of the exchanges out of Bitcoin by value.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Send Tether (USDT)

Here’s a quick rundown of the guide to sending Tether (USDT). Follow the instructions carefully to avoid any mess later on.

  1. Initiate the process by clicking the “Send” button and expanding the Currency drop-down menu to select the Tether option.
  2. Insert the receiver’s USDT address in the “To” field. Or else you can also scan the recipient’s QR code to enter the value.
  3. Thereafter, select the amount of Tether you wish to send, and once you are ready, click the Continue button to review transaction details.
  4. As soon as you verify the information, click Send Tether to initiate the process. Go back if you change your mind.
  5. You can also monitor incoming and outgoing USDT transactions by visiting the Tether tab.

Why are you facing temporarily sending USDT not working issue?

Now you are aware of the USDT and how you can send this cryptocurrency, it’s time to find out why you are facing sending USDT not working error during the process. Well, there can be several reasons, such as a poor internet connection, running out of energy, a server down, or a technical glitch in the site.

In addition, it might be possible that you haven’t authorized the transaction, and therefore, it is leading to trouble. Users should first check the root cause and then fix the problem accordingly.

How to fix the Sending USDT not working Error?

You can quickly fix the Sending USDT not working error by following the methods listed below. Here’s a quick rundown of the solutions to fix the trouble.

1.      Fix the Internet

Sometimes, the error appears due to a poor internet connection. Hence, you should check whether you are connecting to a stable network source and quickly fix it if you face any trouble. Check the router connection and ensure you are connected to uninterrupted services to avoid the hassle later on.

2.      Bring the Energy

It might be possible that your transaction gets failed due to the energy shortage. In such cases, you might get the out_of_energy error message on the screen. If you are facing the same trouble, follow the instructions below and get rid of it.

  • Use Tronscan or TronLink with your ledger device to transfer your tokens.
  • Once a fix is ready to be employed, click the Update Ledger Live, and it might resolve the error.


That’s all about it. We hope our guide will help you resolve the error and allow smooth transactions. If you face any other trouble even after using the above methods, feel free to connect with us in the comments below. We would be readily available to assist you. For more such information, keep visiting the page regularly.

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