You should always keep your eyes open since you don’t know when and where you can run into danger. The statistical data stay alarming: women continue to find themselves in dangerous situations when they are sexually assaulted, not to mention bullying and stuff that can happen to everyone. Thus, you should do everything possible to keep yourself safe and sound, and security apps can become your great helpers in this matter. Modern students don’t do without their smartphones, and they take them everywhere they go, so this device can become your safety ring if you install the right apps. It is not intended just for surfing the Internet, chatting with friends when you need help writing a paper, or scrolling down the news feed on Instagram. You can get the best out of it and even turn it in your bodyguard that will always be at your fingertips.

Circle of 6

It is better to prevent violence before it takes place. This app allows you to create your “safety” circle. Thus, you choose six friends who will become your emergency contacts if something happens. Your phone will send a prewritten message with certain instructions to your emergency contacts. Thus, your friends will know that you need help ASAP, and since the app will transmit your GPS location with a map, and can even call 911 or other emergency units, it will not be hard for them to find you and save. Your friends will have your back if necessary, so don’t neglect this app.


This app will allow you to connect with relatives and friends in case of an emergency immediately. You can share photos with police and your emergency contacts, see your relatives who are nearby or set the alarm on the chosen phone. One of the great features of this app is the ability to set up special types of extreme circumstances, for example, allergy emergencies or violation. And your chosen contacts will be notified for each case.


This app can become your safety ring in case of an emergency as well. When you download the application, you will see a red button on your screen. As soon as you press this button, you will start your rescue operation. An alarm will automatically go off, your phone will start recording a video, and the chosen contacts (including 911) will get a notification with your GPS location and the video. This app can come in handy and become evidence of a crime, for example, if you face bullying on the part of other students.


This app allows you to call 911, police, or chosen contacts with one touch. If there are some minor incidents on campus, you can inform the local police about them through the messages. Besides, you will be provided with a special emergency button that must be pressed if you feel in danger on campus. Police will get your GPS location, personal, and contact information. This app will become extremely useful if you face violence or bullying on campus.

LifeLine Response

If you feel unsafe, you can activate this application. As soon as you activate it, you put your thumb over the smartphone, and if you take it off, campus police will get your GPS location and contact info. If you don’t deactivate it, the app will turn on the sound alarm. Nowadays, this app has been validated and adopted by more than 35 colleges in the USA. So, if you want to feel safe, you should better download this app.


When you install this application, you can press a big red button to send a notification that you are in danger. Pressing the button activates an alarm and transmits your GPS location. If it’s an emergency call, then the operator will call 911. Many students highly appreciate this app, and it is extremely popular in many colleges and universities.


This app has been developed precisely for college students. You get six tailored alert options that make it possible to notify relatives, friends, 911, or police through message, email, call, or social network. Besides, you can use a timed alert to notify your emergency contacts about your location unless it is not deactivated by entering a secure code during a certain time. Thus, this app allows your best friends to watch your back when you need it.

Rave Guardian

If you press a special button, you will be immediately connected with campus police, and your GPS location, identity, and even medical features will be automatically transmitted to the emergency units. Besides, you can anonymously report a crime via a text message. You can appoint some of your friends or roommates to be your emergency contacts and set a timed alert that notifies the chosen people to check your status in the case if the alert hasn’t been deactivated by you earlier.