If you are concerned about the Sayouth.Mobi login features and the employment functionalities available, we have sorted out all the information about the same in this article for you to refer to.

We will explore employment opportunities, the benefits you get with this portal, and how you can register online via this portal.

SA Youth Vacancies 2023

If you are aged between 18-24 years of age and you are from South Africa, there are mounds of opportunities available. From employment opportunities to various training opportunities, the youth have access to a lot of options around.

Not just job opportunities, the vacancies also provide direct work experience for the youth in South Africa so they can utilize the same for the future expansion of their career.

SA Youth Employment Opportunities

With the Sayouth.Mobi platform, the youth of South Africa have direct access to optimal employment opportunities with networking for prolonged learning experience in the long run.

Having enough understanding and experience in the different fields allows the youth to gain optimal working preferences and a good inflow of money as per their experience.

The network was initially created by Presidential Youth Employment. The primary objective behind the same was to empower the youth.

The SAYouth.Mobi is an initiative started by the Presidential Youth Employment. It is also supported by the Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator and the Department of Employment and Labour in South Africa.

What kind of Opportunities are Available under SAYouth.Mobi?

Under SAYouth.Mobi, users can have direct access to a variety of work and career-related resources, including:

  • Hustling resources
  • Learning
  • Volunteer work
  • Prepare for the cutthroat market
  • Selfcare support, etc.

With this youth empowerment resource and tool, the youth of South Africa can connect through a variety of services and work without any roadblocks along the way.

How to Apply via SAYouth.Mobi?

When you are considering applying for teaching positions via the SAYouth.Mobi platform, there are certain eligibility criteria you need to keep a check on:

Sayouth.Mobi Login

Once you have the prerequisites sorted, the application process is simple:

  1. Ensure you are between 18-34 years of age
  2. Ensure you have a South African (or refugee) Identity Document or a valid work permit
  3. Once you have the prerequisites sorted, the application process is simple:
  4. Open https://sayouth.datafree.co/p/nyda.
  5. Under that, enter your ID number. Keep in mind that if your ID number is already present in the system, then chances are that you already have registered for the portal.
  6. Once you have registered, accept the terms and conditions to finalize the registration process.

Keep the ID and the login details sorted with yourself. This is something you can’t forego at all, so ensure that you keep a check on that particular function.

How to reset your password on SA Youth Mobi Application Portal?

In case you have forgotten the password on the SA Youth Mobi Application portal, there is a way to retrieve the password without any hassle at all. Here’s what you need to do in that case:

  1. Tap on Forgot Password on the login page of the portal
  2. Under that, choose the mode of resetting the password – via SMS, Email, or using the security questions.
  3. Reset via the chosen mode and update the new password.
  4. Log in using the new password.

Remember that since the portal gets a huge influx of young aspirants every minute, you might experience delays while accessing the portal. So, we’d highly recommend you wait for a few minutes before retrying.


The SAYouth.Mobi has empowered and revolutionized the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of youth in South Africa. So, if you have been looking into the login and registration process, we hope this article gives you a comprehensive insight into the same.

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