So, you have mistakenly dumped your favorite photograph and are now looking for a way to retrieve it back. Don’t freak out as you are not alone in the club. This has possibly happened with everyone once in their lifetime that they accidentally delete the wrong photo and then end up regretting it.

But not anymore as we are here with some sure-shot solutions. Our experts have compiled easy yet effective methods to recover deleted photos on your Android smartphone. All you have to do is try these solutions and get your desired photo back on your device easily.


A Guide to the 3 Practical Solutions to Retrieve the Deleted Photo on your Android

Without any delay, let’s get straight to the 3 best methods to get your deleted photos back on your device. Pick any of these solutions and get rid of the problem in a matter of seconds.

Recover photos from the cloud

You can easily recover deleted images from the cloud as this backs up your photos in the background. However, make sure that you have turned on the cloud service before deleting the photo.

To get it back, you can simply follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open the cloud and add your credentials to log into your account.
  2. Go to Google Photos and open the photo. Right-click the same and select Download from the menu.
  3. If you are restoring it from Dropbox, then right-click the photo, click on the Export button and tap on Save to Device to retrieve the image.

Restore photos from an SD card inside your Android Device

The next simple option to restore your deleted images on an Android device is to use your SD card. It is a good alternative and gives you the ability to store more photos than you ever could by relying on the internet memory alone. Follow the steps to recover photos using the SD card.

  1. Download the Disk Drill and install the app by following the on-screen prompts.
  2. Now, connect your SD card and click the Search button to scan the same for images.
  3. Tap on the Preview feature and check the photos to decide which one to select and which to leave.
  4. Click the Recover button and get the deleted images back to your device.

Use third-party apps

If the above-mentioned solutions don’t help you out, then worry not to turn to third-party applications to recover the deleted images. The internet is packed with tons of software that help you get your images back without costing a dime.

Some of the popular tools are Wondershare, DiskDigger, and many more to count. Pick any of them and retrieve the deleted image instantly.

Best Tips to avoid the hassle of deleted images in the future

Although there are several methods to recover your photos, we still want you to keep certain things in mind to avoid the hassle in the future.

  • Always make a backup of your data, including photos, videos, files, documents, and anything in between.
  • Check the battery before transferring your images or any kind of media.
  • Use the SD card to get extra memory space and to get back your photos easily.
  • Pay extra attention when deleting unwanted images as one wrong click can create a hassle.


That concludes with the effective methods to get your deleted images on an Android device. We hope you have found the article interesting and resourceful. Use any of the methods listed above and recover your favorite images within a few clicks. Keep visiting us for more such informational guides.

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