Facebook is the online world with millions of people where you can connect with you lost friends and family. With the 2.37 billion users, it’s the most popular social media platfrom. But, while using the world’s most popular social platform, you may have got the “pname com facebook orca has stopped” error sometimes. Have you? If so, then no more worry! You can simply solve the “pname com facebook orca” error on your Android phone with the help of this guide!

Since last 10 year, I have been using Facebook but when I got pop up says “pname com facebook orca has stopped” I got very annoyed and wanted to know what is “com facebook orca”. So, I did research and found some information about com facebook orca and here we are gonna show you how you can get rid of pname com facebook orca problem on your Android phone.

Well, many people have been asking online about this Pname Com facebook orca error that has been showing most of the Android devices. But, there are rare answers suggesting the solution of Pname Com facebook orca problem. So, if you are the once you got annoyed this Facebook error and want to fix pname com facebook orca error then this guide will help you to get rid of the bothersome Facebook error.


How to Fix “Pname Com facebook Orca” Error on Android Phone

Before heading to the solution to fix pname com facebook orca¸ you may want to know what is pname com facebook orca. So, let me tell first.

What is “pname com facebook orca”?

Well, let’s go simple that “pname com facebook orca” it is a package name for facebook messenger app on your Android phone. Simply, orca folder is for the facebook messenger app. Generally, this pname com facebook orca folder stores all of the files, Images, Audios, Videos, plugins and cache from the Facebook messenger app on your Android device.

Is facebook orca malware?

Many people have also doubt that pname com facebook orca is malware or not. So, let me tell you that com facebook orca or pname com facebook orca is not malware at all.

What Is Facebook Katana?

You may also have observed the facebook katana under the com.facebook.katana. So, let me tell you what facebook katana is. Well, Katana is one folder for the Facebook app like pname com facebook orca folder.  When you install Facebook app for the first time, the Facebook Katana folder automatically formed in the folder.

Is Facebook Katana malware?

The Facebook katana folder can automatically generate. Well, you don’t have to worry about the Facebook Katana, it is just a simple folder in your storage. It’s it malware and won’t harm your device or Facebook account as well.

Is pname com facebook orca useful?

Yes, of course! pname com facebook orca is very useful to get back your delete Facebook conversion from the messenger app. Well, it may annoy you most, but it will also help to retrieve you deleted messages.

What is Pname com.facebook.orca has stopped error on Android?

Sometimes you see “Pname com.facebook.orca has stopped” or “Unfortunately, Facebook has stopped” error while using Facebook app. That’s usual and you can override Pname com.facebook.orca problem by yourself on your Android.

Deleting “pname com facebook orca” folder can’t help to fix the “com facebook orca” problem. It will generate automatically once you remove it from the device. So, you need to fix the pname com facebook orca error with the help of following solution.

Let’s get on the process of fixing pname com facebook orca issue on Android:

Solution #1: Clear Facebook App and Messenger Data

Step #1: Open the Setting option of your Android phone.

Step #2: Go to the Application section.

Step #3: Under the All Apps section, select Facebook App and Messenger App one-by-one.

Step #4: Here, clear Data and restart your phone.

Solution #2: Re-Install Facebook App and Messenger App

Tried clearing Facebook app and Messenger App data? But, it couldn’t work? Don’t worry! Try another method. Again go to the Application and install both Facebook app and Messenger App. And again, go to the Google Play Store and install both apps again. For sure, you won’t see the ‘pname com facebook orca’ error message again on your Android device.

Well, these were both simplest ways to get rid of pname com facebook orca problem on Android. Hope now you know what pname com facebook orca is and how to solve it. You may also want to know how to recover deleted Facebook conversation using pname com facebook orca. So, let me tell you that, you will have to connect your Android phone to computer and get on the pname com facebook orca folder to get back your deleted Facebook chat.


Have you followed the guide carefully? If so, then I guess you have fixed the pname com facebook orca error on your Android phone. While following this guide, if you get any error, please tell us in comments! We will try out best to give the best solution!