PayChekPLUS is a prepaid payroll card that allows employees to receive their paychecks directly on the card. It is issued by MetaBank and is accepted at most merchants that accept Mastercard.

The platform has gained traction on the internet and it has managed to scour thousands of users but some of them have complained about the platform not working as efficiently as it should.

If you are experiencing similar issues, be assured that you aren’t the only person. This article will take a peek into what PaycheckPLUS is and how you can troubleshoot the errors.


What is PayChekPLUS?

PayChekPLUS, as we mentioned, is a payroll management system which is issued by MetaBank that enables employees to receive their paychecks directly to that prepaid payroll card.

While the concept is unique, some of the benefits of this include:

  • It enables the employees to directly and seamlessly access their paychecks without any delays.
  • The card is PIN-protected, which ensures the least amount of risks related to fraud and theft.
  • Employees can use their PayChekPLUS cards to make purchases online, in stores, and over the phone. They can also withdraw cash from ATMs.

Besides the standard card, the online website provides the employee’s access to all the transaction updates and many users have complained of experiencing issues with the platform.

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How to Fix PayChekPLUS not working?

If you aren’t able to access the platform and it is showing an error every time you try to access the platform, be assured that it is most likely a temporary issue.

Some of the potential fixes that you can implement are:

Refresh the browser

If there are server issues due to which you aren’t able to access the platform, the easiest fix would be to refresh the browser.

Sometimes, a temporary glitch with the website or the system’s OS can contribute to the minor glitch. Refreshing the browser should fix the issue during those situations.

Check internet connection

Since it is an online website, the users must remain connected to the internet at all times. If you aren’t connected to a stable internet connection, that’s another potential reason you are not able to access the platform.

Clear the local DNS cache

The last fix you can implement is by clearing the local DNS cache in your browser or your system. If you use a Windows PC, follow Start → Command Prompt → Type ipconfig /flushdns and then hit Enter to clear the cache.

Wait it out

If nothing is working and it is a traffic-related or server-related issue from the website’s end, there’s nothing you can do besides wait. You’d have to come back and check in after some time to see if the issue has been resolved by the developers.

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PayChekPLUS is one of the most popular payroll management systems available currently. With how smooth the functioning is, experiencing errors time and time can be a bit frustrating.

If you have been experiencing similar errors, we hope the troubleshooting steps in this article give you a good understanding of how things work.

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