Ninite is a tool that helps you to install all the popular and necessary windows programs on your PC all at once. You might have faced the annoying situation after cleaning your laptop or PC and then installing all of the Windows programs such as Google Chrome, VLC, Firefox, Teamviewer, and many more. You have to install each app separately one by one. What if we tell you about a tool that will do this work for you so you can save some time and watch a movie on Netflix instead.

In another case, when you have bought a new Windows system, it’s always a headache to install Windows software one after one. It is really a time consuming to visit every application’s official site and install the latest version. So, Ninite is the best solution for it. All you have to do is visit the Ninite’s official website and you have to select the software and every Windows program that you want to install on your PC. Then, download the customized Ninite installer. When you launch it, it will automatically install all the programs selected by you on Ninite’s webpage. And the Brownie point is that Ninite will block all additional and unnecessary crapware or adware that comes with the installation process. So in this article, we shall tell you why Ninite is the best app installer for Windows PC and how to use it.

Why should I use Ninite?

We have already given you a teaser in the introduction about what Ninite and can do. Traditionally, we download and all programs one by one and it becomes a time-consuming process. So Ninite is specially designed according to your preference to install multiple programs at once.  Once you have selected all your preferred applications and when you launch the Ninite it shall install all programs from their official websites and it makes sure the latest official versions are downloaded. Any optional crapware or adware along with t=such applications is blocked by Ninite. With Ninite you can update all the applications in a single click.

One point to be noted is that Ninite doesn’t offer every software but you will find all the popular programs for windows on its webpage.

Ninite is free or paid?

Ninite is completely free for personal use. If you want to use it for professional use then you can get Ninite Pro as Ninite paid version. There is also a cheaper version of Ninite Pro that will only cater the feature of updating all programs installed on the system in a single click.

How to use Ninite? – How to install popular Windows programs with Ninite?

It is a really handy tool and you can install many windows program with just a few clicks. We have given a step-by-step guide on how to use Ninite and how to install Windows applications from it to your PC and Laptop.

Step 1 – Open Ninite webpage and select the programs that you wish to download on your PC by checking box beside the program name.

Step 2 – After the selection you will see “Get Your Ninite” option when you scroll down, click on it to download.

Step 3 – Ninite executable installer will be downloaded on your system. The Ninite installer is preconfigured to your custom selection of Windows programs.

Step 4 – Double click on the file to launch it once it is fully downloaded.

Step 5 – Now Ninite will install all the previously selected software on the Ninite webpage without any interaction. It will do its job precisely and you don’t even have to look into it.

Step 6 – Once the installation is completed; you shall see “finished” window on the screen. All the programs will be seen installed on the desktop and in the start menu.

Note: The “default install” path and settings are selected automatically with no crapware or additional software.

Features of Ninite   

These are some significant features of Ninite:

  • Ninite installs previously selected programs by default settings at default path.
  • It blocks all adware and crapware that comes with the program while installing.
  • Ninite identifies the system whether it is 64-bit or 32-bit systems and installs the appropriate program.
  • Ninite installs all of your selected applications from their respective official site and it ensures the latest version of the program is installed.
  • If any of the programs selected to install on PC with Ninite is already downloaded on your system then Ninite will not install it but it will update if the latest version is available.
  • Ninite supports all system with Windows 7 or later Windows OS.

Which Programs are available on Ninite?

If you have a question about what windows programs can be installed on PC with Ninite then we have put an image below that shows all the applications that can be downloaded on PC through Ninite.

Ninite is still working and adding all other necessary and new popular application regularly.

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