Wifi connections and routers are no doubt some of the most quintessential elements in our current life. They are important for prolonged and sustained connectivity, not to mention that they are heavily responsible for keeping a check on our user experience on the internet.

Among all the different brands and quality of gateway routers, MyFiosGateway is no doubt one of the absolute best options that you can look into. It is a reliable, authentic, and OG brand that has been around for years.

However, like with any common electronics item, you are bound to experience issues with the MyFiosGateway router as well. Despite the user-friendly operations, the router can malfunction, especially when it comes to the “not secure issue”. How do you fix that?

This article will explore all the important information that you need to know concerning MyFiosGateway, its effectiveness, and how to fix the issues.

How To Fix MyFiosGateway Not Working

  • Reload the page

The easiest and probably the most common fix is to reload the page. Sometimes, when the gateway router isn’t working and the page isn’t loading, there are possibilities that the issue is due to a slow network or privacy issues with the network. The easiest way to fix that is by loading the webpage again.

Sometimes, the SSL certificate of the webpage can face issues, which get fixed immediately once you have reloaded the page. Refreshing the webpage is hence one of the easiest ways to fix the errors and ensure that it is back on track.

  • Don’t access public Wi-Fi

As humans, we tend to stay inclined toward free items and that includes free Wi-Fi. However, as lucrative as it sounds, that’s possibly the last thing you want to do. Using public wifi puts your device at risk of getting hacked, leading to complications with your device.

Since the MyFiosGateway login page is highly monitored and regulated, it isn’t surprising that it won’t load when you are using public Wi-Fi. In such cases, you’d need to disconnect the Wi-Fi, and then reconnect from a private WiFi connection.

  • Clear the browsing data

Not just for MyFiosGateway, excess browsing data also affect the browser’s functions. You are more likely going to have slow performance and complications pop up when the browser’s history is way too long than you anticipated.

In such cases, we’d highly recommend that you focus on clearing the browsing data. You can go ahead and clear the history of all times or you can go ahead and individually clear the cookies and caches individuals so you have access to the important websites.

  • Try with Incognito mode

Although not a fool-proof technique, the incognito mode is another way you can bypass the issues with the browsing data. When you use the Incognito mode, it allows you to get access to the desired websites without any roadblocks down the middle.

This mode also doesn’t have the browser history and unwanted caches and cookies, which adds to the credibility and speed of the website that you are trying to load.

  • Focus on the time and date

You might not think much of it but your device’s time and date play a crucial role in the overall functioning of the device. MyFiosGateway is a highly sensitive and regulated network service that relies on the time and date in the system to maintain optimal authenticity.

Also, the reason the time and date matters are because these are crucial to keep a check on the SSL certificate and validate the device’s functionalities. So, if you have the date and time wrong, the lack of validation will cause an error on the MyFiosGateway page.

  • Proceed without a care

This is hands down the riskiest fix we’d recommend. When you see an error or not secure issue pop up with MyFiosGateway, you can bypass it by clicking on proceeding with the unsafe network. That’s hands down one of the worst that you could do. We’d not recommend this for you.

Proceeding with the security error can cause server issues in the long run, which can overcomplicate things for you. However, if you know that the error is a momentary mistake and you trust the website, there’s no harm in proceeding with it.

  • Ignore the SSL certificate

The only and primary reason the SSL certificate is there in the first place is to protect your system and eliminate any privacy issues that come up. Your work would be to find a permanent solution for these complications and the easiest way to do that is by ignoring the SSL certificate altogether. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Open your browser and right-click on the home page
  • Navigate down to Properties
  • In the target field, type “Ignore Certificate Error”
  • Click Enter to save the changes

Once you do this, you shouldn’t face any SSL certificate-related issues with MyFiosGateway in the future. But, it puts your device at risk of a privacy breach.

  • Turn off SSL scanning

Lastly is to turn off the SSL scanning for good. This again is a pretty daring trick because you will have no hindrance when accessing an unsafe website. Since most websites nowadays come with a firewall or security technology integrated into the website, it might restrict you from accessing the website.

In that case, completely turning off the SSL scanning enables you to bypass these restrictions and you shouldn’t face any errors in the future regarding the MyFiosGateway errors that you are experiencing.


MyFiosGateway is no doubt one of the best gateway routers in the market but experiencing these errors is common too. Instead of falling prey to the complications, we’d highly recommend that you know about the easy ways in which you can bypass the complications for good. We hope this article gives you all the insights that you need to know about the issue and how you can fix it without putting in a lot of unnecessary complications along the way. Just try one of the other fixes to see which one works.

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