McDonald’s doesn’t need an introduction as it is already a popular worldwide. Since daily thousands of customers visit McDonald’s, it has come up with a customer satisfaction survey program. The main purpose behind this survey program is to get the positive as well as negative feedback of the customers so, the company can improve its service in the future. These days, every company is focusing on getting feedback from the customers in order to grow itself. McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey can be done at Well, some user misspelled it as McDVoice con but it is actually com.

It is totally an online survey and that is why users need to fulfill several conditions. Plus, you should also know that taking the McDVoice survey is not a free survey because McDonald’s offer their customers free burger, a free sandwich, and free means that can be redeemed after getting a coupon code at the end of the survey. Generally, we have summarized all the details in the introduction but there is a lot more to learn in-depth here in this article. If you want to participate in the McDVoice survey at and win a reward from it then, here are all the things you need to know.

Significant Things About McDonald’s McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey

About McDonald’s

Before we head to the McDvoice survey program process, we must need to know a little more about McDonald’s. Established in 1940, it is one of the oldest and biggest American fast-food restaurant chains in the world. With more than 37,500 outlets across the world, we can guess its popularity. It is known for its tasty burgers, drinks, fries, and ice creams. We all are “lovin’ it,” right?

What rewards Would I Get in McDVoice Service?

As we said in the introduction that McDonald’s offers you some rewards after completing the survey. This reward is in the validation code form which can be redeemed at your next visit at McDonald’s. McDonald’s free meals, free sandwiches, and other free perks can be part of it.

What Are the Requirements to Participate in the McDvoice Customer Survey?

There are certain things that will be needed whenever you want to take part in this survey.

  • Invoice or receipt of your last visit at McD
  • A laptop or mobile phone with an internet connection.
  • A user must be more than 18 and must have valid ID proof of that.
  • Familiar with Spanish or English language as these two are the options.

Terms and Conditions of McDVoice Com Survey

  • A customer must be an American and an adult.
  • Only one survey can be done with one receipt.
  • The rewards or the receipt cannot be transferred.
  • McDonald’s family and the employees cannot participate in this survey.

How to take McDonald’s McDVoice Customer Satisfaction Survey?

  1. Open mcdvoice.comon your smartphone or PC. Kindly note that this is the only site for taking this survey.
  2. On the landing page, you need to enter the survey code mentioned on the receipt to begin the survey.
  3. Now when you click on Start, several questions regarding your experience at McDonald’s will appear on the screen.
  4. You have to answer all the questions genuinely and once you are done with it; you have to provide your personal details.

After successfully completing the survey, you will receive a free McDvoice validation code from McDonald’s. You can use it to get free perks on your next visit to McD store.

Bottom line

These are all the important things that a user must know before taking a survey at For further help, you can also contact its customer support service at 1312 360 5129 or at their webpage. If you still have any confusion about McDvoice then you can throw your questions in the comment box below.

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