There is nothing is better than listening favorite playlist while traveling to your favorite place. When we talk about music, the “loudtronix” always highlighted as loudtronix free mp3 downloader is widely popular among people around the world with the help of the and websites. While there are many online music streaming apps and sites available, but most of them are paid. But LoudTronix is one of the great free streaming and download platforms for mp3.

Loudtronix is widely known for its online free music service as well as the free mp3 music downloader or videos from YouTube. Yes, in simple, the LoudTronix is one of the best YouTube video converters to convert any YouTube video to MP3 and download it for free. But most of the people are still not aware of how to use LoudTronix to convert and hear music online.

Well, one more confutation is that people are still not sure about URL of LoudTronix as there are two links available ( or So, they are not aware that which one is an online streaming site and which is converter. But the great thing is that you can use both LoudTronix URLs to get music download free. Another you should know that current real LoudTronix url is changed with

How To Download Free Mp3 Music from Loudtronix

Note: whether you open or, once you open any Loudtronix site URL any of these, you will get automatically redirected to the current main and working URL

Step #1: Open below URL on your phone.


Step #2: Next, you will have to search for the song you want at the black area with ‘I’m searching for…’.


Step #3: Once you enter the song name, hit the red search button.

Step #4: After tapping on Search button, you will see every result of your search. So, just make sure which song you want and there will be three different options (Play, MP3, and Video) at the right side.


Step #5: Here’s you can either select MP3 to download music video in MP3 format or tap Video to download this music video. You can also click Play to listen to music on or click the Share button to share it with your friends.

Step #6: Now you will different options to select a quality from Low, Standard, and High. Select as per your choice and click on the download to get the MP3 free download from LoudTronix.


Note: Once you click download, you will have to wait for a couple of minutes to get the download process done. So, please wait a little bit. We should also tell you that sometimes when you try to download MP3 music from LoudTronix, it says “the requested URL could not be found” or the download circle load continuously.

We also suggest you to always try to use LoudTronix on Google Chrome browser as some Proxy Web Browsers such as UC Browser and Opera Mini won’t be able to use its online converter feature berceuse these types of browsers block JavaScript codes.

Wrapping up

Well, we have discussed the process to download music from LoudTronix for free online. That was so easy-peasy, don’t you think so? Hope you have now learned the full process to use LoudTronix to convert and download free mp3 from After using loudtronix free mp3 downloader if you have anything to share with us, then you are welcome here in comments. Ask us anything below and we will give you every answer.

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