What is LMGTFY? – LMGTFY stands for Let me Google That For You. This is the response answer of us when someone bothers us asking a question and we really have to find an answer for them. In fact, the other person could have easily used Google for that question, but no, they love bothering you, so you say “let me Google that for you”.  But this will not stop them from doing it again that’s why LMGTFY.com is there for your rescue.

Yes, LMGTFY.com is a real website where you can see this acronym’s purpose hit the action. It makes a short animation of any Google query you need to search, then you can send the link of the animation to the friend or anyone who asked you the question that could have been searched by him or her by self on Google. It is just a sarcastic animation where you will be shown how to search the question (asked by your friend) on Google. So it is an indirect way of insult to your friend so they will think twice before asking you any question and they will try by themselves to search on Google.

How to Use LMGTFY

Using LMGTFY is quite simple and easy. Let’s understand it with example. When one of your friends is planning to take a tour of Dubai and he asks you about “what are the rates of flights to Dubai” or “where to stay in Dubai”. Now, on the other side, you have never been to Dubai in your whole life, but you can’t tell your friend to search for himself. The real thing is, that your friend could have easily used Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, or any search engine on the internet to find the various rates of flights to Dubai and the hotels to stay in Dubai still, he is relying on you for the answer.

So with LMGTFY, you can send them an animation which would be a sarcastic reply and they will be ashamed to ask the question that could be easily found on Google. In animation, a little simple guide will be placed, which would show how to search ‘the rates of flights to Dubai’ on Google.


Here, the step by step guide to using LMGTFY

Step 1 – Visit the site LMGTFY.com

You will be shown multiple search engine names such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, DuckDuckGo and AOL. Choose any of them.

Step 2 – Type in the keyword asked by your friend.

Step 3 – Now click on preview and it will show how your friend will see the results in animation.

Step 4 – Now copy the link from the URL bar and send it to your friend.

If you do not want to watch preview then, after typing keywords you can directly copy the link by clicking on “Copy link” on the home page.

Why use LMGTFY?

As we said earlier it is just a rude less and sarcastic reply to your friend who asks you a simple question which could be found on Google by himself.

If your 80-year-old grandfather uses iPad and still he asks you “hey son, tell me who is standing for the presidential election in 2021” then you can use LMGTFY and point him to use Google to ask such question instead of you.

Final Words…

LMGTFY is just a light-hearted website to tell anyone to find the answers to their question on Google in a sarcastic way and without being mean. So they will keep that in mind before bothering you with their simple question.