If you are a frequent Instagram user, especially one who likes to post stories and add music to your stories or your posts, chances are that you are always on the lookout for new music, especially Hindi music.

Since Instagram is consistently updating its features, it isn’t surprising that there might be times when you won’t have access to certain songs. Hindi songs, especially newly released or indie artists might not be readily available on Instagram.

This article will explain some of the ways you can fix the “Instagram Hindi Song Not Available” error without any hassle.


Why is Hindi Song not available on Instagram?

If you are noticing errors with certain Hindi songs not being available on Instagram, kindly understand that it could be an availability issue.

In some cases, where you are based also influences the kind of music library you will have access to. For example, if you are based out of the U.S. and you are trying to access some Hindi songs, they might not be available due to geography.

That said, one thing that’s crucial for you to remember is that song Hindi songs are also much underrated and not popular enough to be on Instagram’s music tab. That could be another reason why you can’t access it.

How to Fix Hindi Songs Not Available on Instagram?

Once you confirm the issue that’s contributing to the Hindi song not being available on Instagram, you can go ahead and implement a relevant fix.

There are a few different ways to navigate through the problem and we have sorted some of the best ones.

Use a VPN

If the Hindi song you are trying to use is not available in your country or location, the easiest workaround is to use a VPN connection.

This will conceal your actual location and allow you to access the music where it’s available. Once you are done posting, you can go ahead and disable the VPN.

Update the app

We often don’t realize this but the most common reason why some features on Instagram aren’t working as proficiently is due to the lack of update. If you have yet to update your Instagram app, we’d recommend that you go ahead and do that.

Sometimes, these new updates come with new features and security patches that could fix some of the software glitches you may be experiencing that are causing the error.

Logout of the app

Temporary technical glitches are common with social media applications and if you are experiencing a similar issue with your Instagram app, chances are that it could be due to a software glitch.

The easiest fix in that case would be to log out of the app immediately and then sign back in. This should do a reboot and clear up the corrupted cache that could be contributing to the error. You could also go ahead and uninstall and reinstall the app.

Switch to personal account

Business or professional Instagram accounts come with a lot of perks but they also come with certain limitations. Among them, one that deserves special mention is the lack of access to some of the popular Hindi songs.

Since there is commercialization factors involved, you might have a hard time accessing some of these songs. What you can do instead is switch back to the personal account. 

Check Instagram server

Last on the list is checking if Instagram is down. Sometimes, the server load can be so overwhelming that it might lead to the app crashing or not working as optimally as it should. In such cases, the easiest workaround is to wait until Instagram fixes the problem.

Server issues are very common and not something that you can do to change. So, once Instagram is back to working normally, go ahead and check if the Hindi song you were trying to use is available or not.


Facing the “Hindi songs not available” error on Instagram is quite common and recurring. However, there are different fixes and workarounds that you can consider looking into, if needed. What we’d recommend you do is implement the few tips that we have sorted out for you in this article. 

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