The number, intensity, and complexity of cyber-attacks are increasing every year. This steady rise in malicious cyber activity is accompanied by an exponential increase in the volume of data, but it is also typical of companies. Combating and controlling these new threats requires more advanced, resilient, comprehensive, and integrated solutions from penetration testing services. Underdefense works with leading developers of cybersecurity technologies. The MDR Underdefense solution is the industry’s first managed detection and response product. Underdefense’s security experts work closely with clients to understand their needs, provide options for the optimal level of protection for each asset, and find the right balance between risk and investment for your organization. This provides optimal protection in the complex. We offer MDR service packages to simplify the complex process of choosing the right level of security.

Basics of MDR

24/7 visibility and analysis of vulnerabilities and assets, comprehensive endpoint detection and response. MDR has all the protection features, plus broader protection that offers managed threat detection and 24/7 event management. Provides access to proven security experts for personalized protection to keep your most at-risk assets safe. Underdefense offers managed detection and response (MDR) services that reduce the impact of cyber risks on your business. The Security Center (SOC) monitors your digital infrastructure day and night to detect absolutely any intrusion attempt. IT and network security experts use the latest technology to protect your business from cyber threats. Cyber ​​attacks have skyrocketed in recent years, with attackers targeting all types of industries and organizations of all sizes. Attackers often use new methods to exploit vulnerabilities and evade detection, making traditional defenses relatively ineffective. Simply using a security product no longer provides the necessary guarantees. Constantly analyzing what’s happening in your infrastructure creates cyber risks that current IT security products can’t handle. In many organizations, IT professionals focus on day-to-day operations, and IT departments often lack the time and expertise to implement and support new intrusion prevention measures. When an attacker infiltrates an organization’s network, it can take months before anyone notices. In most cases, this happens only after the attacker has achieved his goal. Attacked companies suffer from data theft, additional operating costs, and reputational damage. In addition, laws and regulations have become stricter in recent years, and non-compliance can result in significant fines.

Data, user, and network security

Underdefense offers managed detection and response (MDR) services to protect businesses from digital attacks. The Security Operations Center (SOC) analyzes abnormal network activity to detect attacks early and help organizations comply with laws and regulations. With networking and security expertise, the Underdefense team profoundly understands today’s threat environment. IT SOC security experts closely monitor your network by tracking events, log files, and traffic. Based on years of experience detecting insider attacks and advanced threats, security experts have developed hundreds of detection rules to detect suspicious activity in seconds.

Underdefense’s security professionals can help organizations act quickly and efficiently without fear of false alarms using the latest SIEM and SOAR technologies powered by threat analysis and machine learning. When anomalies or patterns that may indicate a cyber attack are identified, a thorough investigation is conducted to determine which systems or employees are at risk. Taking appropriate action and notifying the right people in your organization can help reduce the risks associated with cyber threats.

Effective MDR Underdefense service

Eliminate threats that evade preventive controls with little force. Underdefense offers best-in-class detection and response at a fraction of the cost of developing this capability in-house. The company has many years of experience implementing and managing information security for organizations in many industries. Safety is a priority for the company and its employees, and combined industry knowledge helps organizations prepare for current and future threats. 24/7 protection. Experience shows that attackers often carry out attacks during non-working hours or public holidays. That’s why Underdefense analyzes, detects, and responds 24 hours a day to protect your digital organization, even when the physical doors of the company are closed.

Underdefense is a market leader in digital networks and infrastructure protection.

Underdefense is more than just a security service provider. The team includes more than 100 certified network experts who work closely with security experts. Together, they advise on optimal network design to prevent cyber incidents. When we identify a risk, they don’t just report an ongoing issue; they help resolve it. Customer and employee privacy is our highest priority. That is why they protect personal data in all systems and business processes. All employees are protected, and all data is processed following the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Security experts conduct a risk analysis when they discover a new threat to your business. Appropriate notification will be made depending on the risk and agreement with the client. In the case of a severe emergency, you may need to call in the middle of the night. You will be sent a message with helpful tips in less urgent situations. Of course, you don’t have to worry about false alarms. MDR Underdefense uses the best third-party technology along with its tools. This means that you are not tied to any particular provider, allowing you to offer your services without the limitations of any specific provider or platform. Underdefense constantly invests in the training and certification of its professional employees. This way, employees will always be informed about the latest threats and attack methods and can protect your organization against them.

Vulnerability and compliance management

In addition to MDR (managed detection and response) services, Underdefense offers vulnerability management and compliance solutions. As part of this, network devices are regularly scanned for vulnerabilities and incorrect system configurations. Security professionals analyze the results and prioritize identifying vulnerabilities. Being proactive will significantly reduce your attack surface and the risk of being hacked.Underdefense combines advanced security technology with highly skilled threat intelligence staff to optimize valuable resources to mitigate threats before they compromise sensitive data and business operations. Expansion of the internal security team. Underdefense’s managed solutions cover your organization in a hostile cyber threat environment. Addressing security operations is critical to preventing today’s cyber threats. Cyber ​​threats are evolving and becoming more sophisticated, and attackers are becoming more strategic and disciplined in their attack methods. Defending against today’s threats requires a dynamic and flexible approach, but too many organizations cling to outdated security practices. Security alone is not enough to stop today’s cyberattacks. As a result, IT teams must implement Underdefense’s industry-leading detection and response solutions to block persistent threats that evade preventative measures. This can be a fully functional in-house SOC (Security Center) or a third-party MDR Underdefense (Managed Detection and Response) solution supported by qualified security experts. Most companies find it more realistic to invest in the latter solution.