About Blue Whale game

Blue Whale game or Blue Whale Challenge is a game in which the participant is given a task on daily basis and which the person is expected to complete within a period of 50 days. A group of administrators ask participants to share photos of the challenges completed by them and final task generally is committing suicide and Daily tasks include things like listening to certain genres of music, waking up at odd hours, watching a horror movie, among others.


People say it’s a suicide games but it is a choice of Human to go with good deeds or attract with evil deeds.

The main target of Blue wale game is not the person to hit but to catch the feeling and emotion of a person specially those who have a dark and loneliness gape present in their lives.

It is very easy to captured a person mind through emotions, in this way a person speak your language such as Blue wale do exactly the same way to made people play game on their terms & condition without any life caring precaution and people do exactly the same. The mostly target players in Blue wale are young boys & girls and it is easy for them because of Parents.

THIS APPLY FOR EVERY PERSON IN A FAMILY THAT “You’re Choice Effect the Lives of Others Be Careful about What You Say and Do It’s Not Always about You.”

Now a Day parents are so much busy in their daily works that they didn’t have a time for their children to see what they doing or how they are feeling. The distance between parents and their children increases and grow the dark and loneliness inside a child and them always in a way of searching someone who fill their gaps of life and through internet they connect with wrong way like blue wale. We have to understand that we have to give time to our family so we can STOP the growth of dark and loneliness inside our family and save them from terror like blue wale games.

Now Completed guide for HOW TO SECURE YOU’RE FAMILY & LOVED ONCE FROM TERROR LIKE BLUE WALE GAMES and you read this guide very helpful for you.

Please advise us if you agree the above passage and will apply or already applied.

Convey to all our loved once and be safe.