Let’s here we talk about the how to Enable kid Mode App on your iPhone that you put parental control on your iOS App. With also we will guide you how to enable guide access to iPhone so that you can easy to put the app to limit iPhone use or automatic lock time.


What About Guide access in iPhone:

The iPhone is one of the best parts to makes new excellent learning tools for children. However, if you have a kid with an iPhone, you know that it’s only an affair of time before his disturbing and naughty mind run away the current app and ends up anywhere else. This universal sequence can be passing up in its path thanks to the Guided Access in iOS.

Guided Access is a one of the new feature introduced in iOS 6.0 that main feature as “Kids Mode,” that, In which any Apple device can be locked keen on particular applications, and then click on buttons can be disabled. This is one of the best features initiate recently in iOS for parents. So in this way, we will show you how you can enable kid’s mode on iPhone with the help of Guided Access.

How to Enable’s kid Mode App for iPhone [Complete Guide]

There are two methods that you can enable kid mode app on your iOS device. You can select anyway depending on your suitability. All these techniques are working, and you can put the app to limit iPhone use. First, we will show you how to enable’s Guided access in iPhone.

  1. First Open the “Settings” and go to “General.”
  2. Next To Select “Accessibility” settings and under the “Learning” section, open Guided Access.
  3. Toggle Button ON.
  4. Now Just tap on “Set Passcode” to set the password you will use to close Guided Access Mode.
  5. Then Needs to Turn ON/OFF “Screen Sleep.”
    Enabling Screen Sleep will prolong the battery life of your iPhone while it’s inactive.

Now you have easy to Guided Access to access on your iPhone. You can lock your iOS device into any application you want for your kids.

Enable Guided Access to iPhone – How to Lock Apps on iPhone with Password

Steps to Use Guided Access on iPhone:

  1. Let’s Start the application you want to lock into.
  2. Now Just Click On the Home button thrice (triple-click) to open the Accessibility menu.
  3. Next to Open Guided Access from the menu.
  4. And Set the rules for Guided Access and swipe the part of the screen that you see the disabled.
  5. Now Just Tap on “Next” to enter the Guided Access mode in iPhone.

Now you will see your kid’s iPhone is currently looking into the App that you must have you selected and tapping Home button will not close the app anymore. However, quicker or afterward you’ll want to run away this “Kids” mode, but only the parents with the correct passcode can do so.

How to disable Guided Access in iPhone

Whatever, sometimes you want to disable Guided Access on your iPhone easier than entering it. Just you need to Next to the Tap the Home button thrice and make sure that you enter the passcode set earlier to unlock the device. You will be directed back to the normal performance of your iPhone.

Final Thoughts:

We hope you liked the article. You can also download Best Emoji Apps For Android and iPhone. And share this method on enable kid mode app for iPhone with your friend and help them in keeping control.