At the time of its release, PlayStation Portable was the most powerful handheld device. Many other consoles have appeared since 2005, and Sony officially abandoned the system in 2014, but loyal fans still miss the games which made the PSP so popular. Modern technologies allow you to rekindle those cherished memories — even on an Android device. Follow our guide to choosing the right software and content.

Without fail, these are some of the most exciting games you can play on Android. Unlock the best adventure worlds of the past by installing the right simulation software. Thanks to reliable collections like Romsopedia, all the necessary files are free for download. Be very careful with your sources — some websites have malware and viruses.

How to Download PPSSPP Games

ROM files work just like the cartridges for old consoles. They contain the game data, and the format is designed to work with emulators. Each of the available systems recreates a specific console — for example, you can install a Nintendo 64 emulator on your Windows device. The sameistrueforAndroid.

1.   Get theApp

In the case of PSP for Android, get the PPSSPP (PlayStation Portable Simulator Suitable for Playing Portably) system from Google Play, or download suitable software from a trustworthy ROM library. The app appeared almost a decade ago — in 2012. You can use it for free or upgrade to the paid version with more features.

2.   Get the Games

Do not expect to get your favorite games with the app. You need to search for them on your own. Download the files from a reliable source that guarantees virus-free content. The biggest collections feature thousands of games for all popular consoles. PSP fans can revisit hundreds of thrilling titles, from smashing hits to the more obscure games. Trytheall-timefavorites, suchas:

  • Assassin’sCreed,
  • Call of Duty,
  • Godof War,
  • Grand Theft Auto,
  • Metal Gear Solid,
  • Tekken, etc.

3.   Launch Your First Game

Open the emulator on your smartphone. Follow these steps to activate any game in the above-mentioned app.

  1. Allow the system to use your storage. To do this, tap the “Give PPSSPP permission to access storage” option and “Allow” in the pop-up window.
  2. Physically connect your smartphone to a PC.
  3. Download the desired game file to your computer. To play online, you need a file in ISO or CSO format.
  4. Find the folder titled “PSP”. Normally, it is generated automatically. Ifitisabsent, createitbyyourself.
  5. The folder must contain a subfolder titled “GAME folder”. This is where you should transfer any downloaded games.
  6. Disconnectyourdevices.
  7. Open the app on your Android and tap on “Games”, and “Home”.
  8. Scroll down to find “PSP” and choose it.
  9. Select “GAME” to see all the titles downloaded to your collection.
  10. Click on any of the games, and start playing!

Demos and Homebrews

Sometimes, you may fail to find your favorite game in either of the formats. In this case, you can try the so-called indie games, which are also available on the app. To access them, go to the “Homebrews and Demos” menu — it is found at the top of the screen. Then, choose the necessary option and download it from the store.

Important Notes

Be careful to make sure the software and game files are safe. After you run your first ROM game, the procedure will be simple. Note that to support simulated titles, your hardware must be quite powerful. If the device is slow, the gameplay will be laggy and frustrating. This means you may not have a pleasant experience with older models of Android smartphones.

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