MovieBox for iphone available several hundred thousand apps in the App Store and find a good one for a specific purpose and MovieBox is best movie watching app for Iphone.

Today, here this guide for how to download MovieBox iOS, and different version download for MovieBox like IOS 9/IOS 10/1OS 11 and download without Jailbreak that is best MovieBox for iphone.


MovieBox is best apps for watching movies, TV shows and many other programs from on your mobile devices or computers and MovieBox for iphone provided best latest movies and TV Shows as the databases are updated and it is completely free that is best for all time.

MovieBox IOS free access to a slew of movies and TV shows and it is not allowed on the official market and has to install the app from third-party sources.


MovieBox app was only available to people with jailbroken devices and recent years is has become possible to install this app without the need of a jailbreak that is best all time for MovieBox for Iphone.

MovieBox App Features

Provides latest Movies, TV series, Videos Songs with the huge database updated.

Users can watch online or download their favorite videos for watching offline.

Many videos are available to download in HD quality.

MovieBox app interface is very easy to navigate.

The search tool is really powerful.

Users can choose from different quality like low, medium or high.


  1. This does not require a jailbroken
  2. This does not require a computer.
  3. This app is signed and can be revoked at any time by Apple. If this happens the app will start to crash.
  4. To fix this re-download the app and try again. If this does not fix the issue then try again in a few days.

How to Download MovieBox IOS 9/IOS 10/IOS 11 (Without jailbreak)


Step 1: Download Appvalley.

Step 2: Navigate to Appvalley on your iOS device with Safari.

Step 3: Tap on the button in the middle to Install Appvalley.

Step 4: Now if you want to install the Appvalley app on your device and you tap on the ‘Install’.

Step 5: Now app has been installed it will not open to untrusted enterprise developer error and solve this open the Settings app and navigate to General>Device Management.

Step 6: Tap Trust twice and the app will become trusted.

Step 7: Open the Appvalley app after then tap the Library button.

Step 8: Now you have the option to view tweaked apps or hacked and paid games and Tap on the Browse button under the Apps section.

Step 9: Now see a list of all the applications what are available to be downloaded.

Step 10: Find the app named MovieBox and tap on it.

Step 11: Tap on Install.

Step 12: MovieBox app you downloaded. Tap Trust twice and the app will become trusted.

Step 13: Now open and use the MovieBox for iPhone, iPod.

Now completed above steps to Download and install MovieBox App in your Iphone Devices.

How to download MovieBox for Iphone Using Tutu Helper (No Computer Required)

Step 1: Install Tutu Helper on your Iphone.

Step 2: Open Safari and go to

Step 3: Switch to the Regular tab and select Download now.

Step 4: Tutu Helper app is downloaded and Go to Settings > General > Device Management.

Now you can use this app to download Movie Box for Iphone.

Now completed guide for how to download MovieBox IOS 9/IOS 10/IOS 11 (Without jailbreak) and you read this guide very helpful for you.