Clearing the cache is essential for emptying the memory. It can ensure that the next time a user opens YouTube, data starts to get loaded from the starting point. At times, the YouTube page gets partially loaded, or it may happen that suddenly a junk image appears. Such a situation occurs when the cache gets filled with temporary files or cookies. It also happens that the memory gets confused about the sequence related to when to load what. Though it doesn’t come up in the cache problem, clearing the YouTube cache on the iPhone solves the issue. Next time your YouTube gets loaded, you will have to download a fresh set of files and avoid technical glitches.

In this article, learn methods to clear YouTube cache On iPhone.

Clearing YouTube’s browsing history is possible by quitting the app that can help make the application reload itself again. It helps with deleting all saved data. A favorite video may take more time for buffering, and consequently, it happens that your search history gets recreated.

It will not create any problem, as you can avoid this by clearing cookies and cache with the help of memory-cleaning applications. These applications are available on Mac and Windows. iMyFoneUmate Pro / iMyFoneUmate Pro are some apps that can help you in this mission. The free trial version of the software needs the function to clear iPhone App caches. You can get the support accessible, and there is a need to follow some aspects:

Steps to clear the cache due to YouTube.

Step 1: Open YouTube app>>> click “Setting” icon. Five options will appear YouTube, Privacy, Offline, Upload, and About.

Step 2: Navigate to the “Privacy” option. Four functions will appear: Clear watch history, Clear search history, Pause watch/search history, and Blocked contacts.

Step 3: Tap “Clear search history.” This step will keep away all keywords used to search videos.

Way to Clear YouTube Cache on iPhone in the quickest way

Note that there is no option for clearing browsing history. However, clearing the app from your iPhone’s running status data is possible when you follow the following simple steps.

Step 1: Double-tap on the button for the home screen.

Step 2: Swipe the application up that can help quit the YouTube app.

With that, you can rest assured that the system clears YouTube’s browsing history. So, the next time, reopen it, it will refresh the application.

At all times, you will have to note that it isn’t possible to eradicate all of YouTube’s content in the cache. There may also be the possibility that the cookies stored due to sharing videos may remain intact within the app. If that’s the case, uninstall and reinstall the app where you have shared the link, and it will delete all of the caches.

Permanently Erasing iPhone Videos to guarantee Privacy Protection

Deleting temporary internet files and cookies from the device can still lead to the situation where you may find that iPhone is running slow and crashing without any significant reasons. You might be wondering why such an issue is happening. Now it’s worth noting that this happens as videos stored on phones consume a lot of space. Deleting them does not remove them altogether. Though it may seem like they aren’t there in reality, they still exist on iPhone. 

With certain apps, there may be the chances of permanently erasing current and previously deleted private videos. Option to preview and select videos to remove manually will also be there. However, note that there is no chance to recover the erased videos by any recovery software.

Clearing Your YouTube Search History 

In addition to the caches, search histories in the YouTube app become problematic. Clear them regularly to protect privacy standards, and for that, you will have to consider steps to clear YouTube search history on iPhone:

● Clearing YouTube App Cache Manually

Clearing the app cache ensures freeing up memory. Apps are evolving with the option to clear cache and data. Usually, such an option is available within the app itself under “Settings.” 

On the other hand, YouTube is different from such apps as it supports clearing watch and search history. Besides history, other caches, cookies, and junk files need clearing. That said, most of the time, clearing the record is not enough.  

There is scope to clear the data and caches by using the Usage option that you can spot in the Settings of your iPhone. Following steps clean YouTube caches manually:

Step 1: Click on Settings >>> General >>> Storage &iCloud Usage.

Step 2: Click on Manage Storage that you can find on the top section (Storage).

Step 3: Tap YouTube>>Tap Delete App

Step 4: Now, move to the App Store to reinstall YouTube. The step ensures that you are opting for the clean install without the additional data and documents.

Now, that’s not the end of the discussion.

When the iPhone system version is newer than iOS 11.0, little difference will be there, and you will have to follow other steps:

Step 1: Click on Settings >>> General >>>iPhone Storage.

Step 2: Click on YouTube>>Tap Offload App. There is another option that is Delete App. You will have to choose the menu as per your own needs.

Step 3: Go to the App Store>>> reinstall. 

● Clearing YouTube App Cache with the help of third-party apps

Third-party apps to remove cache works as the medium that functions to clear all iPhone apps’ caches. You can do that in the fastest and most effective way. With that, you can get the space on your iPhone. The steps below will help you with doing it successfully.

Step 1: Download the third part app>>> install it. 

Step 2: Launch the third part app, and connect iPhone or other iOS devices. 

You can do that with a USB cable. 

The third part app helps the iPhone and other iOS devices get recognized immediately.

Step 3: You will have to look for the tab that cleans it and click on it. 

● Cleaning YouTube Cache & Cookies in Chrome on iPhone

When you’re choosing to stream videos on YouTube with Google Chrome browser, at that time, it happens that the browser keeps the YouTube cache and cookies. Overall, it can enable a smoother and faster performance for having a better streaming experience. Regularly cleaning the cache and cookies can ensure that the devices will always be running at high speed. Follow the guide to clean up the cache & cookies in Chrome on YouTube on different devices.

STEP 1: Launch Chrome app.

Step 2: Go to the lower-right corner, click menu icon >>>go to history.

Step 3: Hit Clear Browsing Data that you can spot in the bottom left corner.

Step 4: Tick options that you wish to clear, such as the browsing history, cached images, cookies, site data, and files. Click on Clear Browsing Data that can successfully remove the YouTube cache & cookies.

A general concept regarding Cookies And Cache And The reason they’re stored

Cache memory stores the websites’ data, which behaves like the browser stores for future use. Now the question is, what is the method by which the YouTube cache and cookies get stored? The simple answer is that when you access the content over the internet, it gets stored for future use for faster access. At that time, the browsers memorize the data, and the cache data consequently gets loaded faster.

Cookies validate the identity of the user and improve the user experience. The necessity comes when a user visits a particular website many times. Besides, it is helpful because it saves the credentials of the user. The role is also the storage of the navigation history on a website and shopping preferences.

Moreover, when you browse websites on the internet, it will save some information about the sites, including logos, images, texts. Though it can improve the website’s speed and performance, it becomes problematic over time due to the jamming that it causes. 

How are the steps different from the ones followed on Android and PC?

Clear Cache & Cookies on iPhone is a bit different from clearing Cache & Cookies on Android and PC.

● Clearing Cache & Cookies on Android

Step 1: Launch Google Chrome.

Step 2: Go to the menu list. You will have to do that by clicking on the three-dots icon that you spot in the upper-right corner.

Step 3: Navigate to History page>>> hit Clear browsing data.

Step 4: Check the box you want to clear, including the browsing history, cookies, cached images, and files.

Step 5: click on the Clear data icon. Clicking on this will clear the YouTube cache and cookies from Chrome on Android devices.

● Clearing YouTube Cache & Cookies on PC

Step 1: Open Chrome browser PC.

Step 2: Click on the menu beside your profile icon>>> go to More Tools >>> Clear browsing data.

Step 3: Select the option to clear, including browsing history, cookies, cached images, and files.

Step 4: Click Clear data.

 Problems associated with clearing YouTube cache & cookies

After clearing YouTube cache & cookies, the following issues may occur:

1. You will have to sign in to your YouTube account again. There is a need for doing so because the settings get removed after clearing the cache & cookies.

2. Speed of loading YouTube becomes slower due to the cleaning up of the cache. The items included in it are images, logo, sections, etc.

Noticeable Effects of Clearing YouTube Cache 

The method of clearing cache on different devices is the same as that we have mentioned above. You can take an example. Suppose you want the Google pixel clear cache method or the method to clear cache Google play; the technique will be the same.

Different versions of the operating system are there that may increase the confusion. But remember that the method of clearing cache is easy and effective.

A highlight on Saving and retaining customer credentials and payment information

Clearing YouTube cache means that you get the chance to set new search preferences and help browsers load the YouTube videos faster. It’s worth noting that usually, there is no storage space issue on PC. However, the common occurrence is that clearing the YouTube cache on the iPhone helps the cell phone run the browser faster.

We have listed the step-by-step guide to clear the YouTube app cache on iPhone. You will have to follow the steps carefully to ensure that there won’t are any issues during the process.

Whenever it’s the thought regarding viewing videos online, YouTube proves to be the choice of most people. Many interesting and funny videos are there on YouTube that makes the experience stand out. It gives the scope to view and share it with families and friends. Viewing the video means a guarantee of requiring to cache the movie and viewing the video fluently. There may also be sudden occurrences that the YouTube page gets partially loaded, or suddenly the junk image appears on the page. The cache filled with temporary files or cookies leads to this situation. The association is also to the memory getting confused about when to load.

Always note that clearing the YouTube cache solves the issue. Clearing cache empties the memory, and the next time when YouTube gets loaded, data starts loading from scratch. Downloading those sets of files from the web helps with the avoidance of technical glitches. 


When you feel that it comes with seeing the same content and videos on YouTube, then definitely, there is a need to refresh the feed. The condition, in this case, is also clearing the YouTube cache and cookies. What you are supposed to do is follow the steps to remove the YouTube cache on your iPhone. Deleting by following any of the steps and methods mentioned above becomes the relevant way to eliminate the useless files consuming the space.

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